There’s #FirstWorldProblems, and then there’s #EurovisionProblems

  1. You’ve been asked for the nth time why Israel takes part in Eurovision/where is [insert country here]/can the USA participate in Eurovision, and you’re tired of answering.
  2. All your issues with when ESC and/or other national finals live:
    • You live in a different time zone, so you might have to watch the contest at 3AM
    • There are multiple national finals occurring at the same time, so you have to pick which one to watch. (Hmmm…do I watch the Eesti Laul, which has better songs but I can’t understand anything, or do I watch Unser Song für XXX, which I can understand but doesn’t have as good songs?)
    • You want to watch Malta’s national final but it’s just Way. Too. Long.
    • The event occurs at Sunday night. You have a Monday exam. Or even worse, it’s on a school night
    • Google Translate decides to fail and you can’t find the “live-stream” button on broadcasters’ websites.
    • Your favourite entry didn’t qualify/get top X/win
    • For high school students in the USA, Eurovision Season occurs in the middle of AP/IB Testing Season.
  3. When you’re performing an ESC cover at Open Mike Night, you get 75 blank stares because no one knows what the song is or where the country you mentioned even is.
  4. Your history/geography teacher gets annoyed when you show them that the map in the back in the textbook is out of date and complain that it’s been x years since 2006, and Serbia and Montenegro shouldn’t appear on the map anymore.
  5. You’ve been hiding under the ESC rock for so long that you’ve forgotten what the local pop culture sounds/looks like.
  6. The only reason you remember in organic chemistry to use sulfuric acid in reactions is because Alcazar taught you that the bisulfate ion is “not an acid nor a base,” and then your prof that looks like Christer Björkman has to tell you to stop singing in the middle of an exam.

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