Post-Election, Day 3

All right Klemen Slakonja, while I really like your Mockingbird Man videos, the Golden Dump one hit waaaay too close to home, especially because we all thought it would only be a joke.

It’s been 3 days after the election, and I’m still shocked. The Annoying Orange has won the presidential election and I don’t know how to react, at least not in the real world sense. So much for learning how to play euchre…

I had to talk to my professor the day after, after getting only 3 hours of sleep, and while all she could offer besides commiserating with was that we have to keep fighting, we talked a bit about the election results and how they appeared similar to ESC voting results. About how I hoped that it would look a bit more like 2015, where Russia appeared to be winning at first but Sweden overtook halfway. About how the results looked more like 2009 or 2012, with a runaway winner despite being really close in the state (in ESC: countries; in the US: actual states) level with a difference of maybe less than 5000 votes. About how this is the 5th time in US history that the election results depended on 538 jury votes. About how I now understood what it felt like for Il Volo fans in 2015 and Sergey Lazarev fans in 2016, when the winner didn’t even win the televoting.  But even if Eurovision is political, it’s a more controlled system. The worst case scenario is that your favorite entry doesn’t win that year, YouTube gets a bunch of dislikes, and you tell people not to listen to the song because it’s crap. Maybe someone might get arrested for disorderly conduct after a few too many drinks. But there’s the mob here. It’s as bigger than any fandom around and has a great enough presence to cause a significant level of damage.

Maybe it’s not the literal end of the world with the Annoying Orange winning the election, but I’m definitely scared of what’s coming up next. As a female. As a non-straight person. As a non- white person dating a non-white SO. As a person who’s still in uni. As an undiagnosed something. Even if I live somewhere that’s relatively safe what about my SO? What about all my friends that aren’t straight and/or cis? What about those who don’t culturally fit in? What’s going to happen to them? To us?

On one hand, I have to keep fighting and believing that we can change things with midterm elections. On the other hand, I’d like to follow Margaret Berger’s advice and leave the planet…

I’m on a dead end mission for the outer space, I’m leaving Mother Earth without a trace.
I don’t know where I lost my faith, help me escape the human race.