ESC Preview 2014: Slovenia

Artist: Tinkara Kovać

Title: Spet/Round and Round

I’m going to have to get this minor complaint off my back first: Could someone please change the song title to just Spet, because that way the cameraperson isn’t justified to spin around the stage and make the audience busy? (This is just coming from a person that gets motion sickness from watching 3D movies…sorry about that…)

Outside the minor issue on rotating around the stage, I can’t sing this song yet (though I plan on learning the Slovenian lyrics before the contest), but at this moment it’s one of my favourite songs to hand whistle, and the song is also really Ohrwurm-y (especially the line “Is a moment just a circle, just a song you play on repeat.”  I don’t really know why that line is stuck in my head instead of the refrain (“Round and round again we…round and round again we go-o-o”)


ESC 2014 Preview: Norway

Artist: Carl Espen

Title: Silent Storm

Some of my favorite artists at Eurovision are storytellers, especially the ones with stories that I can connect with closely. I can’t decide whose story is the best (because it changes every 5 minutes with my mood), but Norway’s entry this year is one of the good ones.

Before I listened to the song, for some reason I thought about the environmentalist book “Silent Spring” after reading the title. Maybe it was going to be about missing something? After playing for the first time, chills started running up and down me like the song was controlling my emotions for every second or as if something had pushed me over and I was unable to stand up again.

In a less serious way of describing the song, it’s as if I had a really cruddy day at uni: if I lose my voice, get back a less-than-decent test score, get a phone call from my family only to get yelled at, need to go see counseling services, and then have to go to improv club, I’m pretty sure I’ll have so much that I want to say but none of it’s coming out. And then I’ll probably return to my room, get my voice back, and my roommate will complain about me talking in my sleep because my mind is trying to churn out all the thoughts.

But like Carl Espen sings, someday I’ll be calm (and not a zombie with unspoken thoughts constantly racing in my head)

ESC Preview 2014: Azerbaijan

Artist: Dilara Kazimova

Title: “Start A Fire”

By the title I would have guessed something upbeat (and a song that rhymed “fire” with “desire.”) But apparently that didn’t happen, because the Azerbaijan used the “rent-a-composer (from Sweden)” approach and it turned out to be another ballad. I’m not going to say that it’s bad (because I can hear the emotions in the song), but I found it hard to enjoy it the first time because it had a bit of a vibe from The Christmas Song on the 24/7 Christmas music station: It’s a good song, but unless I decide to actually put in effort to pay attention to the lyrics, the song just goes above my head.




ESC Preview 2014: Ireland

Artist: Can-Linn ft. Kasey Smith

Title: “Heartbeat”

So I didn’t watch the national final, and all I heard about it was Linda Martin calling Billy McGuinness an “odious little man” and a “gobshite”. Anyways, I like the song that won the final, but it seems like “Heartbeat” is split between “Can-Linn Can Win” (a.k.a. “this song is awesome”) and “Only Love Survives 2.0” (a.k.a. “this song is going to fail.”).

I’ll admit that I’m a little biased, since I started my YouTube music obsession by looking Celtic Woman videos. So even though I can be a total sucker for Balkan ballads, Celtic fusion pop still has a place in my heart, especially when the song’s in 4/4 and loaded with triplets.

Outside of that, I thought about entering a talent show with this song playing tin whistle/hand whistle. Unfortunately, the song is in key of C and I only had a D whistle…so that didn’t happen…