2018 Review: Croatia

HRT (Croatian TV, not the hormone replacement therapy type) managed to block all leaks, releasing Franka’s “Crazy” at the expected time.

I thought the song would something a bit more uptempo judging by the name, so “Crazy” was a bit slower than expected. However, given that Franka is singing about a lover, I should have been able to recall a bit from my personal experiences, that my pulse slows down when I’m around my partner instead of speeding up. It’s also a waltz, and I appreciate that the song’s not in 4/4. Otherwise, the song and music video reminded me of a few things:

  • The four beats in which she sings “Lo-o-o-ove” or when the instrumental pounds the four notes remind me of Ireland’s 2005 entry. Given that link and how the song plods, I’m not exactly confident about the song qualifying, even though it is a cohesive and well-produced track.
  • The dancers’ characters are either zombies, or they have REALLY BAD PSORIASIS. And in that case, I don’t know if I can imagine how itchy their skin would have to be. If anyone came into the pharmacy while I was on rotation, I would definitely want to recommend them their provider.
  • For some reason, this reminds me a bit of a less creepy version of Serhat’s original “I Didn’t Know.” No monocle attached to weird headpiece at least…

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