Updates in the universe…

So it’s finals week, and this happens to be the same week that the ESC world decides to announce a crap load of information. Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede will be hosting Eurovision, and Albania is about to kick off national finals season in two weeks. Most countries with national selections have presented their national final schedules, and starting January 16th, Belgium will kick off the series of Super Saturdays with national finals every week until Sweden hosts the Melodifestivalen final on March 12th. Between the two will be Malta, Belarus, Hungary, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Moldova, Germany, and Latvia. At least those are the countries that have confirmed dates. And then there are all the presentations for the songs internally selected.

In that case, so much for class and my sanity. I’ll probably have to split my screen 8 ways (which is impossible on my laptop) to watch all the programs on February 13th. Maybe this (and not organic chem) is what weeds out the students in the chemistry department. Ahhhh, the joy of being a chem major…


As of so far, the one country that’s received the most hype so far is Russia. Unlike the past 3 years, where Russia has sent female singers and politically-correct peace ballads, Rossiya 1 is sending Sergey Lazarev. Judging by his recent songs, his entry should be pretty EuroClub-friendly. On the other hand, there’s this:

If I were to summarize this song in 5 words, it would be “Shirtless Russian singing English K-Pop”. What’s with the lyrics saying that he wants to take off someone’s clothes? The asexual part of me is rolling my eyes and wondering if it’s that warm in Russia right now. It’s also trying to come up with an ace-friendly reason to strip outside of changing clothes or taking a shower. As of so far, it’s failed. Let’s just get back to a different video, shall we?

(Well at least he’s having fun playing the awkward guy trying to get a date…)


Alive after a Chi-Squared Test

I hate exam week. All the stress gets to me, and all I end up doing is breaking down or doing something that’s not class related. Instead of studying how carbohydrates get metabolized, I metabolize way too many carbs. Instead of working on a paper, I’ve been typing up random crap onto Word in order to get my thoughts out.

And then there’s stats class. Instead of working on a project analyzing the possibility of bots or working on homework, I’ve broken down and binge watched South Park or YouTubers or ESC/NFs or whatever. It’s been like this the entire semester, and I’ve kept telling myself, “I’ll start doing the homework once I feel better and/or find my textbook.” Then again, that wasn’t a very good idea since I ended up finding the book 3 weeks before finals. And when I opened up my email to look at the homework assignments, I took one look at the assignments and gave up. There were way too many problems and I wasn’t going to be able to complete anything. Screw this, the Melodifestivalen artists had just been announced, and I wanted to be ready in February, so I spent 1.5 hours painting a t-shirt with the new Mello logo.


Took a while, but I’m still happy with the results since it’s a first attempt.

And then I went back to the 25+ way overdue problem sets and forced myself to finish maybe 60% of one assignment before getting overwhelmed and having a meltdown start kicking in. Eventually I slipped back to watching South Park instead of going to class because it turned mentally exhausting to even try to go back.


Anyways, my professor Dr. R noticed something was probably wrong and tried emailing me, which I ignored because I didn’t want to talk to him and/or because I absolutely despised the class and/or I hate it when I have to dig up old bones and talk about it. I couldn’t avoid talking to him today since we had a written exam though, and he offered to write me a new exam to make up for the homework that I had missed. I’m not sure if he figured out that I was dealing with the daily brain chemical disaster (whatever it is), or maybe he had to do something similar with previous years’ students, or maybe he has experience with his kids, but I’m feeling really grateful for Dr. R for offering a second chance. And since he made the offer while I just finished answering a question involving Chi-Squared goodness of fit test, it’s probably a good time to say I’m still alive. At least for the weekend when I’m supposed to be studying for other finals and not wandering aimlessly in Ikea again…

Aces (and Dutch allies)

I’m going on another ace rant, but this time it’s actually Eurovision-related…

I’ve been out as ace for a little over a year, and minus a few ups and downs, coming out as ace really hasn’t affected my life that much. All I’ve really done is cracked more lame cake jokes (especially after working in a bakery over the summer) and decorated more things with black, grey, white, and purple stripes. Sure, there are always a few assholes that joke that I’m a bacterium or a plant that doesn’t have to re-shuffle my DNA to reproduce (that’s called asexual reproduction, not asexual, FYI), but most people recognize that I’m just a human not sexually attracted to other people. That doesn’t mean I’m not romantically attracted to anyone though; it’s kind of awkward-funny that my SO asked me out the day after I came out about this time last year…(and it definitely one-upped Sebalter in terms of awkwardness.)

These are asexual reproducers, not asexuals!. And they look awkward.

Still, I’m still the same person who’s crazy and eats snow with tapioca and creamer, snowfoots, blasts music way too loud in the car, and crashes in the middle of lecture after eating porridge with too much sugar. I still have a brain with an undiagnosed chemical disaster that makes talking in a straight line difficult, and I still weave Eurovision whenever possible into conversations.

Moving on…

Anyways, back to the ESC world: After listening to a few of Douwe (pronounced kind of like “dowel” without the L) Bob’s recent works, I think I can back the Netherlands next year. Given that his entry isn’t from Anouk’s reject list, it should be pretty good. And he can be both an ally and enter good music at the same time, like this:

OK, it’s a little restricted to the binary and people’s plumbing equipment, and the bi relationship is awkwardly portrayed, but at least he goes further than LG (Life’s Good?) and flat-out tells people that bisexuals exist. Someone mentioned that he missed asexuals in the video, but that’s okay because there’s a separate video for aces and other people who like food more than people. I don’t really drink, but as an ex-bakery employee, cake is overrated (sorry aces that actually like cakes). It’s also really catchy, so I’ll enjoy my 3.5 minutes listening to him sing about how he’s in love with a glass of ice cold beer.