AIDS Awareness Day

I was just reminded by a friend on Facebook that 1 December is AIDS Awareness Day. And this is probably the most appropriate ESC video out there.


News After Thanksgiving

So I said I would be gone due to Thanksgiving in the US. Except then Black Friday (a.k.a. Shopping Brawl of the year) happened. A lot of people are trying to avoid getting trampled/smashed/having their holiday shopping turn into the Hunger Games, so they’re shopping online instead. It’s great that people won’t steal their stuff, but at the same time they take up all the Wi-Fi as well. And this means that I can’t post anything XD.

Anyways, Bosnia-Herzegovina is out, the Czech Republic is in, and Bulgaria is out. I have a feeling that Bulgaria might return the year after, since they did a really good job at JESC, and hopefully the Czech Republic get more than 10 points (their total after 3 years of participation) at a time. Bosnia- Herzegovina might not return due to troubles collecting broadcasting fees, but I really wish they came back especially after Hari Mata Hari and Regina.

San Marino’s chosen their artists, and surprise, surprise, it’s NOT Valentina Monetta. Instead, they headed straight for their JESC archives for Michele Perniola (JESC 2013) and Anita Simoncini (member of the Peppermints, from JESC 2014). At least we know a) they can sing and b) Anita’s probably going to be the youngest participant ever since the 16-or-over rule appeared. I’m pretty happy that Valentina’s not coming back for a 4th try, since I had a feeling that the main reason for getting her to the final was to get her out of the competition…

Malta’s also chosen their artist and song for 2015, and it’s Amber (Bondin) with the song “Warrior.” I don’t know how to feel about it yet. A lot of people are saying that it reminds them of Helena Paparizou’s Melfest entry “Survivor”, though the first song that I thought of was Moldova’s 2014 entry (and also Bosnia 2012 due to her dress). It’s got a lot of power behind her when she “screams” (cue people correcting me for using quotation marks because it’s still singing) in the refrain, but she can still be gentle in the verses.


30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 8

Prompt: Your favourite Bulgarian entry

This was my favourite Bulgarian entry when I first heard it. It’s still my favourite, except my humanities teacher kind of ruined it for me when we discussed thunderstorms and horseback riding and how they refer to sex in pieces of literature. Guess what this one’s got? Chanting, a jaw harp, thunderstorms, lyrics about a guy riding a horse, and a bunch of EPIC DRUMMING…

IMO, Elitsa and Stoyan’s 2013 entry is pretty good too (I really like bagpipes). It just didn’t work with the new voting system, which for some reason decided to let Armenia back into the final that year instead.

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30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 7

Prompt: Your Favourite Dutch Entry

(Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving in the USA, so I probably won’t post because I’ll be in a food coma then.)

I could read the prompt and accidentally think that it’s my favourite German entry because Dutch and Deutsch are that similar. But since it’s not in the 30 Days Challenge, I’ll assume the challenge specifies that I’m supposed to talk about the Netherlands instead.

I’m not a big fan of most Dutch entries before 2013 when the long string of non-qualifying entries finally ended, though 1969 (my favourite out of the 4 winning entries), 2003 (if she represented the UK then the UK wouldn’t have gotten 0 points), and 2011 (Dutch version >> English version) are pretty good. And then came Anouk, who brought the Netherlands into the final. I don’t like following the crowd very much, but my favourite Dutch entry at the moment is their 2014 entry.

I didn’t like the unplugged/acoustic preview of entry at first listen, but the official version took me by complete surprise. Maybe it was the simple baseline that I couldn’t stop tapping my foot to, or that I had just broken up with someone a few weeks ago, or maybe the song didn’t sound like a Eurovision entry, that I couldn’t stop listening to it and singing along with the refrain. In fact, it’s stuck in my head as I’m typing this entry right now.

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30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 6

Prompt: Your Favourite Portuguese entry

Portugal usually isn’t on my list of songs to pay attention to, since they don’t do very well in the contest (never won the competition or even placed in the top 5). It didn’t really help that RTP sent a joke entry in 2011 or that they dropped out in 2013. It also didn’t help that when I started following the contest in fall 2010 and trying to recognize the songs of that year’s contest, I could listen to Ha Dias Assim for the full 3 minutes and not know what was playing.

Nevertheless, Portugal’s 2008 and 2009 entries stick out as two of my favourite entries: Instead of trying to enter something schlager-y (*cough* what happened in 2006), RTP went back home and pulled out some of their folk tradition, sending “Senhora do Mar” in 2008, a fado ballad that sounds like it was pulled out of musical theatre somewhere. Because I usually can’t decide between the two, I’ll go with this one at the moment.

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30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 5

Prompt: Your favourite Swedish entry

I’m guessing that a lot of people tend to just choose Sweden’s 1974 winning entry because it’s probably the most famous (so famous that people outside the ESC world know about the song). Let’s just rule that one out because out of the entire ABBA CD my mom played in the car, Waterloo was probably one of my least favourite tracks; my favourite track was Super Trouper.

Because sometimes it seems like every song (at least those in the schlager department) sounds the same, it’s really hard to pick one. However, if I had to choose one at gunpoint right now, it would be Sweden’s 2014 entry, mainly because of the crazy emotional crap that I’m stuck in right now. And of course, life doesn’t have a rewind button; nor can I just hit Ctrl-Z to delete stupid things that happened…

If I weren’t in such a terrible mood right now, I would probably have chosen Sweden’s 2012 entry

You’re all alone, you’re all alone

[Sorry guys, no 30 Days Challenge post today…]

Yesterday my friend told me that he just asked someone out and wanted to know if I had any tips regarding [insert person he was going on a date with]. I wanted to feel happy for him, but I couldn’t at the time because as of so far my record has been:

  1. Person/Ex-refrigerator I like runs away and refuses to talk to me for over a year, and I spend the entire time confused and waiting for simply an answer. It’s no.
  2. I ask person b) out even though it feels more like returning a favor, and this so-called “relationship” ends due to lack of communication. It’s pretty much just me trying to get over person a) from a few years ago. Also, I literally liked the food on the date more than the person. Oops.
  3. Finding out that I’m pretty much not attracted to anyone anyways… So I’m even colder than the refrigerator, especially the one in my room whose door I kick all the time.

Instead I felt jealous that my friend could ask someone out, get a response in less than 24 hours, and have that response be yes. I’m also jealous that even the aces that I know are in relationships. I felt all alone drowning in a pile of lab reports and snow because it’s too cold to go barefoot for more than 30 seconds.

Yes, Aram, I’m all alone and don’t have any support right now. My suite mate hates me, my parents keep thinking that the uni I go to isn’t a real uni, classes are overwhelming, CAPS doesn’t do anything except for try to talk things out, and the only person not yelling at me right now isn’t even a person. It’s a pot of stew that I’m cooking with a electric cooker against housing regulations sitting on the windowsill.

For me it’s probably not “all in one kiss” as the lyrics go (considering that I’m literally not a people person), but there’s something missing that could turn me from a zombie-mushroom (sitting in the dark at my laptop and eating food that I didn’t make myself) into my normal, pre-uni-workload self. I wonder what it is…