Apparently no one noticed this…?

(Sorry for the really late post. I got distracted from Eurovision due to classes lately. Ah, the life of a uni student…)

Every year someone always accuses [insert ESC entry here] for ripping off some other song because they sound similar. In this case, the main accusations were that all the countries that sent dance entries copied Sweden’s winning entry in 2012. Still, just because they are the same genre doesn’t mean they plagiarized. In fact, Thomas G:Son, the composer of “Euphoria,” stated:

“When you would look at the composition in a wavetable, you would see that 10,000 pop songs have similar courses.”

Despite reading all the YouTube flame wars and plagiarism accusations, I was surprised to see that no one mentioned something that could have been really obvious: Loreen’s entry looked like a modern representation of Bernini’s sculpture “The Ecstasy of St. Teresa.”

See anything yet?

Next time I’ll be analyzing this in detail.


So…does what you’re studying make sense?

Malta 2002- “Seventh Wonder”- Ira Losco

I only listened to the entire song shortly before posting this; before the only part I heard (or at least remembered) was the end of the refrain:

“Is it magical, logical, natural I wonder,
He’s got the makings of my seventh wonder.”

These two lines remind me of my dad, who is getting on my nerves lately due to differences in our studying habits: No music or any noise, asking the prof obnoxious questions that (according to him) are relevant, and constantly questioning the text. “Remember,” he keeps telling me:

“You have to ask yourself every time you read something new or recall a fact that someone told you, ‘Does this make any sense? Does this fit your logic?’”

Even though it’s supposed to encourage me to keep learning and understanding concepts instead of force-feed-the-duck-learning them, I hate it when he says this, because he assumes that I don’t learn anything. It’s that or he thinks I just memorize terms as if I’m still writing the random trivia column in my middle school newspaper or hit buzzers/clicky pens for Quiz Bowl.

After listening to the song, I am completely aware that the song is a love song (not that it should have been obvious in the refrain), but it still seems to go with my dad’s “Does this make sense” comment. It looks like the refrain is going to constantly play on the Ohrwurm Network when I study for anatomy. Well, at least it’s better than listening to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”

Seeing that I need to preview for an anatomy class, I might as well do this:

Is it magical? (Do you understand the fact/explanation?)

Logical? (Does this make any sense?)

Natural? (Has this already been observed?)

I wonder…