30 Day ESC Challenge

Day 1: Your favourite ballad.

Day 2: Your favourite ethnopop song.

Day 3: Your favourite second place entry.

Day 4: Your favourite Maltese entry.

Day 5: Your favourite Swedish entry.

Day 6: Your favourite Portuguese entry.

Day 7: Your favourite Dutch entry.

Day 8: Your favourite Bulgarian entry.

Day 9: Your favourite staging from an entry.

Day 10: Your favourite use of an instrument in an entry.

Day 11: A song you would choose to sing as a karaoke.

Day 12: A song you would like to learn to play.

Day 13: Your favourite host venue.

Day 14: Your favourite last place entry.

Day 15: Your favourite backing singer.

Day 16: The song which introduced you to Eurovision.

Day 17: The song you would use to introduce someone to Eurovision.

Day 18: Your favourite year for theme art.

Day 19: A song which gives you chills.

Day 20: Your favourite multi-language song.

Day 21: An entry you know all the dance moves to.

Day 22: Your favourite host country entry.

Day 23: An artist you would like to see represent their country at Eurovision.

Day 24: Your favourite national final entry

Day 25: An entry you prefer live over the studio version.

Day 26: An entry you prefer the studio version over live performances.

Day 27: Your favourite entry for lyrics.

Day 28: Your favourite entry for choreography.

Day 29: Your favourite non-Eurovision song by a Eurovision artist.

Day 30: Your favourite joke entry.


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