2017 Review: Sweden

Aside from Finland’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen was the only national final where I watched/listened to all the NF entries. I’m still pissed off that the official Mello channel is blocked on YouTube in the USA, but thanks SVT Play and everyone else who isn’t SVT on YouTube posting all the videos.

Overall it was a pretty good Mello year. There was a lot of variety and favorites in the semifinals (and a lot of returnees—12/28 of the artists this year participated in former years). The final didn’t turn out as diverse as UMK but I’m still fine; I liked most of the entries. My favorites were Jon Henrik Fjällgren+ Aninia, Robin Bengtsson, and Mariette; Nano, Ace Wilder, and Boris René were pretty good too. I also found myself warming up to Benjamin Ingrosso’s entry after seeing the results in Semi 2.

As for the ones that didn’t make it, my favorites were Loreen, De Vet Du, Roger Pontare, and Adrijana. Loreen and DVD crashing out of AC was slightly understandable, due to the entries being either a)marmite or b)entries that needed to be watched at least 2-3 times to get what was going on, as was Adrijana’s entry getting 6th in Semi 1. Roger Pontare placing 5th, on the other hand…I’m still annoyed. Even though I knew that Benjamin Ingrosso was going to qualify direct when there was only one more name to be announced I was hoping that it would have been the epic anthem rather than the entry that sounded similar something on a Disney Channel special. Eventually I warmed up to Good Lovin’ but I still wish there could have been an extra 13th slot. (SVT would have put me on Mariette’s bungee cords to keep me from tampering with the results though). So now I’ll just imagine that everyone who didn’t vote for Roger probably took A and P with one of my professors and didn’t do very well in his class.

Anyways the eventual winner was Robin Bengtsson with his song “I Can’t Go On” (which is sort of a prequel to his previous entry “Constellation Prize”). And fun fact, this is the second artist named Robin that won Melodifestivalen by winning the jury vote only. One of his song’s co-writers, Robin Stjernberg, did the same in 2013.

When I first listened to the song in Semi 3, I couldn’t get it out of my head after one listen and I wanted to listen to/watch it again, with the slick performance, the snapping, the catchy hook. Okay I’ll admit it; the lyrics aren’t going to be AP English material and someone posted in a confessions box that they could fit on a Post-it note due to all the repeating lines. Then again, that’s probably one of the reasons why “I Can’t Go On” is Ohrwurm-y as hell. I’m probably guilty for at least half the listens on YouTube, most of which are involve rolling down the car window and singing with at the top of my lungs.

Or should I say “as fuck” instead? Had the original Mello version been sent to Eurovision, the contest would have been rated R in approximately one minute, and/or the EBU would be slamming the dump (censor) button on average every 18 seconds. I’m not the EBU, SVT, or anyone in Robin’s delegation, but IMO throwing an R in the system interferes with the sound aesthetic. However, like any of the three parties mentioned above, I don’t want the song disqualified, so I’m keeping my discourse down about the song getting Kidz Bop treatment and the word “fucking” getting changed to “freaking.”

OK so I can definitely say this song is in my top 3, and that’s despite two major things that should be keeping me from liking it:

I got food poisoning when listening to the song. Something similar happened prior in 2015, when my friend tricked me into drinking milk when I’m lactose intolerant and I got really nauseous while listening to Moldova’s entry at the time. As a result, I associated the song with nausea and was forced to put it in my bottom 3 even though it would have gone maybe 5-10 places higher. As for Sweden’s entry this year, somehow I didn’t end up hating the song after combining it with food poisoning, nausea, and a migraine. Okay then.

I’ve probably mentioned this ad nauseam (*facepalm due to above paragraph) but I’m asexual. I’m a pancake and a bit flux-y, but I definitely have my baker’s cred. The issue is that this song is literally about sexual attraction. I’m pretty sure after the third semifinal I’d been having an internal debate over whether I should even like the song being a cakey person. Eventually the “Liking this song has absolutely nothing to do with your identity; you’re still valid” voice won over, but I still find it a bit ironic.

So yeah…I really like this song, despite factors suggesting that I wouldn’t. I don’t have any flags at the moment; maybe I should borrow one from Ikea for the semi/final?


My friends watch Mello

Well then. The final’s going to be next week, and I’ve been super lazy with reviews. There’s already…23 songs out now? And at the same time, I’ve managed to watch all 4 semifinals (thank goodness UMK didn’t take place on a Mello Saturday). On the other hand, my writing drive is still hovering around zero, so instead of a fleshed out review (which I’ll probably do for the final) here are some random thoughts while watching (or re-watching) the semis with my friends.

They’re not Eurovision or Mello fans, but I’ve been hanging around them long enough that they know it’s national final season right now, and they know some of the entries already.


  • Boris René: Her Kiss (AC >> Final)
    • Does he wear socks while he performs? Because if you don’t wear socks your feet stink. He probably does when he plays football but is he wearing them right now? I’d be concerned for his backing dancers if he didn’t.
    • Did he say “I wanna get her kids?”
  • Adrijana: Amare (6th)
    • This isn’t trashy enough for Eurovision.
  • Dinah Nah: One More Night (5th)
    • That outfit does NOT look comfortable.
    • Looks like she’s going for a football halftime performance?
    • But it’s a really good performance. I really like the rap part when she’s laying down.
  • De Vet Du: Road Trip (AC>> out)
    • Johan looks like the pharmacist that I work with
    • But he also looks like Bobby Flay!
    • *bobs head to the instrumental after listening to it for the 5th time straight to see what was going on*
    • That does not look safe if they were actually going on a road trip.
    • Wait, they’re wearing traffic cones on their heads? I thought they were hats at first.
    • DJ Hunk is just there for the fan service and it’s not even that good. Wait, is he there just to DJ and wash the car?
  • Charlotte Perrelli: Mitt Liv (7th)
    • She’s playing guitar. But I can’t hear any guitar…?
  • Ace Wilder: Wild Child (Final)
    • Looks like she woke up, couldn’t find a stage outfit, covered her pajamas in glue, and threw glitter all over herself.
    • Those aren’t pajamas, wouldn’t you be cold if you wear crop top pajamas to bed?
  • Nano: Hold On (Final)
    • He looks like the guy who sang the Mother song…


  • Mariette: A Million Years (Final)
    • I want to be her backing dancer, those bungee cords look fun.
  • Roger Pontare: Himmel och Hav (5th)
    • He didn’t qualify because he’s not trashy enough
    • No, he didn’t qualify because everyone who failed his anatomy class refused to vote for him
    • If she didn’t give a f/ why don’t they let him qualify instead?
  • Etzia: Up (6th)
    • She’s from the US? No wonder she didn’t qualify.
    • She has a lower voice than I do!
  • Allyawan: Vart har du Vart (7th)
    • Um… was there a song?
  • Dissmissed: Hearts Align (AC>>out)
    • It’s a pretty good song, the outfits are just aesthetic.
  • Lisa Ajax: I Don’t Give A (AC>> Final)
    • No, she does give a f/ because she cared enough to find a decent stage outfit.
    • Looks like sparkly crop tops are in season.
  • Benjamin Ingrosso: Good Lovin’ (Final)
    • He looks like he’d fit in on the cast of Dawson Creek
    • Did they pull him off the Disney channel
    • Wait, he’s only 19? I thought he was in his mid 20’s already!


  • Robin Bengtsson: I Can’t Go On (Final)
    • This is a good performance.
    • Wait, but no one gives a f/ when he swears??
    • Was that crotch shot necessary? Nope.
  • Krista Siegfrids: Snurra min Jord (7th)
    • That top doesn’t look very comfortable
  • Anton Hagman: Kiss You Goodbye (AC>> Final)
    • It’s not trashy enough for Eurovision.”
  • Jasmine Kara: Gravity (6th)
    • “But we gravity”?
  • Owe Thörnqvist: Boogieman Blues (Final)
    • *stares at screen for next 3 minutes*
  • Bella & Fillippa: Crucified (5th)
    • I thought Sweden wasn’t very religious?
  • FO&O: Got a Thing About You (AC>>Final)
    • Are boy bands a thing again?

SF4: Confession: I only showed them 2 songs out of this semi.

  • Jon Henrik Fjällgren ft. Aninia: En Värld Full av Strider (Final)
    • She looks like she’s having fun…
    • Wait, this is your favorite of the semi?
  • Alice: Running with Lions (5th)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Les Gordons: Bound to Fall (6th)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Wiktoria: As I Lay Me Down (Final)
    • Well I like her hair. And her dress. Looks like something I’d wear.
    • But are you going to go to bed in that?
    • She didn’t bring a mattress or a blanket or a pillow!
  • Axel Schylström: När Ingen Ser (AC>>Out)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Sara Varga & Juha Mulari: Du får inte ändra på mig (7th)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Loreen: Statements (AC>>Out)
    • Okay, so it’s interpretive dancing, and more interpretive dancing, and more interpretive dancing…

Finland vs. Sweden

(Well I’m back writing less rant-y stuff!)

Finland and Sweden might not be the best of friends in ESC for historical reasons, but they’re still together in the Nordic pot. Most people in the Eurovision fandom would say that Sweden tops Finland, but that might not always be the case.

Relations might be friendlier now, but the rivalries still remain.

Relations might be friendlier now, but the rivalries still remain.

Points/Scores: This is what people in the fandom tend to look at while comparing the two countries. If you do that it’s pretty obvious that Sweden wins. With a current count of six victories, including one win with a record breaking 18 sets of douze pointe, Finland’s one win in 2006, 10 last places, and a 7/13 qualification rate can’t beat Sweden, at least not when considering only points.

Production: Given that Sweden’s been treated as Eurovision’s modern powerhouse since the language rule was lifted, and that Sweden’s been hosting a 6-city Melodifestivalen tour with production comparable to Eurovision, it’s not surprising that SVT excels at production of songs and performances. Camera work is tight enough that separate music videos usually aren’t needed for promotion, and there’s typically no excuse for building acoustics, so live and studio versions typically sound pretty similar. Finland is also pretty good when it comes to production, but Sweden edges out due to SVT’s over-the-top work and that they put on semi-readable subtitles on the performances.

More material to work with: Melodifestivalen has 28 songs this year; Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu has 10. If all the songs were the same, then I would say that Mello wins over UMK. However, that’s not exactly the case…

Variety: Even though Melodifestivalen has more songs, more doesn’t always mean better. Half the songs sound really similar to each other, like some radio friendly entry that I’d hear on the bus or another schlager entry. And even if Björkman and his team tried to increase diversity of genres behind the scenes, all the weird stuff (e.g. everything that involves Sean Banan in any way, shape, or form, or any of the ethno-themed entries) gets cleared out, making the sound pretty uniform once on the Eurovision stage. Schlager. Schlager. Mid/uptempo. Schlager. Schlager. Ballad. Mid/uptempo. Radio-friendly mid-tempo. Rinse and repeat. I’ve tried listening to Swedish ESC entries in the shower and more than once I couldn’t tell 2004 apart from 2006 over the sound of falling water. (This is now a great time to announce that the first half of Euphoria won’t play over the shower.) With Finland it’s really hard to predict the sound of next year’s entry without listening to the UMK selections; there’s been tango, peace ballads, rock/metal-inspired entries**, folk-y dance tunes, and ballads. There have been more non-English entries for Finland than for Sweden; even the most recent Swedish-language entry was from Finland. Within the national finals realm there’s also more stage opportunity for older artists. In Mello anyone over the age of 45 is pretty much relegated to last place in the semi, yet in UMK Eini managed to a) perform the hell out of her entry, b) qualify from her semifinal, and c) not place last in the final.

** because Hard Rock Hallelujah’s genre is disputed a lot.

There was also Sleepwalker, which beats out La Voix by 9 years.

Waiting period: One of the methods SVT uses to take up space on ESC news sites is to release only a tiny bit of information at a time. So maybe we’ll know the hosting sites in October, the names of artists in December, the running order in January, and we won’t get to hear the songs until the semifinals in February. As a result, unless someone decides to post every single Eurovizijos atranka or A Dal heat result the news I most likely to be clogged up with Mello announcements. Also, due to SVT’s reluctance to release information, incidents such as Anna Book-Gate are likely to show up instead of something relevant. My points would go to YLE posting two substantial updates about the songs, artist, and their running orders; I don’t need to watch a full live stream to figure out which entry I like the most. I’d be much more likely to just go on the Wikipedia page and check if it got updated.

Access: Now that the EBU’s decided that there won’t be any live streams on the official Eurovision website, SVT gets a bit of edge for livestreaming Melodifestivalen on both SVT Play via phone app as well as SVT Play online. However, that edge goes away after finding out that the performances are only available for 30 days, and that live performances on YouTube are geoblocked in the USA. (For some reason my Youtube account thought it was in Ireland and had access for a month to the videos. And then it decided to switch back and I couldn’t see any more Mello performances anymore.) In that case, Finland gets the edge for access because of the music videos on the UMK YouTube channel, and that performances on YLE don’t get deleted.

If people only looked at points earned or production, then Sweden definitely edges out. However, if they’re looking at variety and access to the songs, then Finland wins. I’m a bit biased because UMK is my favorite national final (and that there’s probably a specific friend on FB who’s actively booing Sweden right now), but in most cases neither country is inferior or superior to the other. I’ll probably end up watching UMK over Ikea’s free Wi-Fi and coffee (because the signal at home sucks), so I’m not going to claim either one.

Melodifestivalen Hosts selected

It’s been a month since the 2016-2017 Eurovision Season started, and not that much has happened, just the usual:

  • Andorra, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein are not participating. The Vatican is not participating (what would they send anyway? A rapping cardinal/priest?)

    Ehhhh…let’s just send a new version of My Lovely Horse or something

  • Turkey is still out, despite the possibility of some TRT members thinking about participating sometime in the future. Then again, they essentially said “we’ll see,” which means no (as every person who’s been a little kid knows).
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is out due to financial reasons (which also isn’t surprising; Deen and Dalal and Co. got to participate through sponsors because BHRT wasn’t going to pay for stuff.)
  • Armenia just launched its national selection Depi Evratesil (“Towards Eurovision”), and a) my computer wouldn’t launch the stream and b) the internet proceeded to crash. (I think that’s a sign from the chem department to study then, considering I just bombed a math exam…)

Otherwise all I say is that a) this country is a mess, b) my life is a mess, and c) pretty much everything is a mess. *Cue Boggie singing that the world is a mess right now*

So instead of looking at the trainwreck that is this world/my life/whatever is going on in the presidential election, let’s look at something a bit nicer for now: Mello.

Not that Mello, this Mello. Also, I much prefer Mountain Dew.


Anyways , SVT announced that Hasse Andersson,  David Lindgren, and Clara Henry will host Melodifestivalen next year, to be hosted in Göteborg, Malmö, Växjö, Skellefteå (semifinals), Linköping (Andra Chansen), and Stockholm (Final).

For people who don’t watch Melodifestivalen, Hasse Andersson was the old man who was playing the “Swedish Kvinnaböske/a small roundish instrument from the horn family inherited from the Vikings” during Love Love Peace Peace.


Otherwise he was one of the finalists in Melodifestivalen 2015 that qualified through Andra Chansen. I’ve never seen him do a speaking role, so this should be interesting.

David Lindgren also participated during Melodifestivalen, making the final the three times that he qualified in 2012, 2013, and 2016.

Considering that he also does stage musicals, I’m not that surprised about him having a speaking role this time. Then again, it’s also the same reason I wasn’t surprised that he was trying to look 17 and/or qualify for High School Musical at Mello last year (since HOW MANY 20-year-old characters on Broadway are played by 35-year-olds?)

(FYI, I actually like his songs. I just had a really bad day during Semi 2 at Mello this year and felt disappointed for almost everything…)

And then there’s Clara Henry, who’s one of my favorite YouTubers. Mello-wise she’s hosted aftershow commentary that I’ve never watched, but I really like her to-the-point commentary on random subjects. Given that she’s worked with SVT a few times, she should come off as less awkward than William Spetz at the final last year.

As of so far, that’s all we know about the contest until SVT announces the 28 artists in November, but ESC season is finally kicking off! (Now I just have to make sure I do well on exams…)

Eurovision Sighting: Blue and Red (political parties)

American presidential elections can be a complete shitshow. There’s lots of mudslinging between candidates, drinking games made debates, Wikileaks has fueled the drama fire by releasing new information, and sometimes even the Supreme Court gets involved. So much for whatever reality TV people are watching right now; there’s often so much drama that people could get away with watching C-Span (live broadcast of the legislature in action) and claim that they’re watching “reality TV” (or even better: “reality”). Sometimes it’s really overwhelming, and it makes me want to borrow Maraaya’s headphones, tune things out, and focus on the Eurovision world right now. Unfortunately, there’s still no escape, no matter on the blue side or the red side. So let’s just look at Eurovision-y stuff. (I can’t say I’m from the purple side because US politics likes binaries way too much, and apparently the cake is a lie anyways.)

From the Democratic side: split voting
While there is *slightly* less televised drama (cue all the Wikileaks information that just got released about the DNC), one of the most widely complained things about the party is the superdelegate/split voting system. In short, a candidate needs 2383 out of 4765 delegates’ official votes to win the Democratic nomination. Out of the 4765 official votes, 4049 votes are assigned through popular vote (like televoting). The remaining 716 votes come from superdelegates (kind of like jury members), who don’t vote until late July. As of so far, we only have the delegate count from the popular vote as the superdelegates have not yet voted. However, given that the jury vote superdelegate vote counts for less than 20% of the total vote count, it’s not going to be as crazy as Poland’s jump from last to 8th place.

poland gets 222 points
It’s probably going to be more like the scoring at UMK, where the televote/jury split is 90/10. But given all the background noise that Wikileaks brought up from within the party, someone’s going to get yelled at for corruption in the voting.
From the Republican Side: Ted Cruz’s 17-year-old lookalike, ManuElla’s angry Republican, Slovenia’s infamous in-laws
Republican primary voting is a lot more straightforward; the total delegate count depends on televote popular vote only. Outside of the voting, there are the candidates. For starters, there’s this:

Somehow Sweden managed to send Ted Cruz’s 17-year-old lookalike, who was not the Zodiac Killer. Frans did make all of Twitter blow up when [insert any of the other 11 Melodifestivalen finalists here] didn’t win, and SVT definitely wasn’t sorry, especially after jumping to #1 on Swedish Spotify or placing 5th in the contest.

Otherwise, Slovenia had a lot of fun representing Republicans this year: In February, when there were still enough candidates for the debates to still be fun enough to watch (and make fun of), Slovenia sent ManuElla’s “Blue and Red.”

If the two colors represent the two parties, then the song can be the anthem of an angry Republican performed in the form of a Taylor Swift-style breakup song:
“And you tried to fix me when I wasn’t strong, but you are not a composer; I am not your song”
(And when your party took up the majority of congressional seats, you introduced all this stuff (e.g. Obamacare, 626 marriage equality, etc.), but you’re not in full control of the government, and we’re not going to be manipulated by you.)

“How can I mix red and blue together?”
(How can our two political parties work together, if our beliefs and values are so different?)

“You feel blue and I feel better”
(Well we’re not going to work together, so you introduce your own legislation (that we’re not going to let pass) and we’re going to introduce our own legislation.)

Let’s not forget the obvious point for Slovenia: The country now has (in/famous) in-laws that are taking over the news. And got the Republican official nomination as well.

(But more importantly, while everyone can complain about politics drama,  don’t forget to vote. You can’t complain about the results if you’re eligible to vote and you don’t cast your opinion.)


2016 Review: Sweden

6 weeks well spent. Or as my family says, 6 weeks wasted from not studying. 😡

Ahhh, Melodifestivalen, six weeks of Swedish musical fun. This was my first year watching all 6 shows. Or maybe I should say I attempted to watch all 6 shows, but then Uuden Musiiken Kilpailu got in the way, and watching two screens at a time is really difficult, especially if:

  1. Both the programs are live
  2. One program decides to show really loud advertisements or interval acts while the other program is still showing a song performance (which given the timing, is probably a ballad)
  3. The shows are in different languages, neither of which are English or have English-language subtitles.
  4. The Internet connection sucks.

Not doing this again. I’ll just watch one show at a time next year.

As a result, I gave up halfway and just watched UMK live while following Twitter for live updates about Mello watching the program on SVT play the day after. Either way, I got to listen to all 28 27 (Anna Book got a free ticket to Dairy Queen due the song being performed in Moldova by a different artist) entries and enjoyed most of them after a few listens. Some of my favorites included…

Bada Nakna– Samir & Viktor (did not deserve last place)

Constellation Prize– Robin Bengtsson (sometimes there’s a time when you need to be told you’re beautiful)

Kizunguzungu– SaRaha (the updated version of Waka Waka)

Don’t Worry– Ace Wilder (summarizing the life of every broke uni/grad student)

Human– Oscar Zia (out people are people too)

My Heart Wants Me Dead– Lisa Ajax (a happy song despite the title)

Håll om Mig Hårt– Panetoz (will cheer you up every time)

Then again, since I don’t have a Swedish SIM card, I couldn’t vote even if I wanted to. Eventually the winner was Frans, whose song “If I were Sorry” ended up in the Spotify world charts (and #1 in Sweden right after semifinal 4). As a constellation consolation prize to all the non-Swedes who went all pitchforks and torches on Twitter right after Mello ended, he still received 0 points from the Belarusian jury, placed second behind Oscar Zia with one point, and obtained only 14.4% of the televoters. He’s definitely not sorry about winning though.

If I had no clue to what was going on and turned on the video in the middle of the performance, I would have guessed that he was some British guy, whose face looked a bit like Ted Cruz, walked onto stage by accident, decided to recite a poem about his recent breakup to everyone watching him just because the stage lights were on his face, and won the entire competition against everyone who looked (at first sight) that they were actually participating.

I’m going to guess that Frans will probably keep the same simple staging in May. Given that SVT’s trying to keep the budget relatively low, that’s pretty likely. The music charts would say he’s doing that because it’ll be a nice contrast against all the fancy performances with a radio-friendly hit that jumped to #1 on Spotify right after his Mello performance in the semis. The SVT budgetary crew would probably say it’s because they don’t have to cover accommodations for backing singers that don’t exist, custom stage costumes, or much promo (because Sweden gets the hype simply for being Sweden). I wonder how he’ll place in May though. As of so far, they haven’t gotten any back to back wins, and it seems pretty unlikely this year.


Friends react to Mello 2015

Thursdays are my rough day at uni, though that’s my fault for setting up my class schedule. There’s no way I’m opening my textbook right after 3 classes in a row without taking an official lunch break, at least not after eating something. Trying to study after baking 7000 chocolate chip cookies at the bakery would have been easier since you don’t have to think about anything. Instead, I decide to relax and watch ESC reruns for 2 hours before heading off to class #4.

After noticing that one of my friends was watching me binge-watching Melodifestivalen, I turned on the speakers and decided to see their reactions to the “weird stuff that happens in Sweden.”


  • “I wanna punch those guys in the face”
  • “Oh my god, do they know how stupid selfie sticks look?”

Building It Up

  • “Wait, there’s three of them?”
  • “You said they’re from Australia? No wonder this song is terrible! They haven’t put out anything good outside of AC/DC.”

Make Me (La La La)

  • “I think they’re waterbending. […] I think I should learn those moves and audition for her dance team.”
  • “Their outfits are sooooo Jojo. But they’re not sparkly enough.”
  • Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were a guy.”
  • “That smile just looks kinda fake and painful. Or is it just her makeup?”

Jag är Fri

  • “Why is his outfit so shiny?”
  • “Okay, I take back what I said about his outfit. It’s awesome.”
  • “They look like they’re jellyfish.”
  • “Why are they not focusing on the dancers more? They’re dancing the hell out of it and he’s just mumbling!”

Can’t Hurt Me Now

  • “I’m already bored and falling asleep.”


  • “It looks like he bought that shirt at H&M.”
  • (Me: “M, he’s not going to split his pants.”) “Oh no, I’m just going to stare at his crotch to make sure he doesn’t split them…no! You stupid camera guy, stop moving away from him!”

Forever Starts Today

  • “Hey look, it’s Aang! And he’s got ink too!”
  • “Why is Aang standing next to all that fire? Because he’s finally at peace with the Fire Nation.”
  • “They should have filmed it from above to see the drums.”
  • “So we’ve seen Waterbenders, Airbenders, and the Fire Nation. I wonder if Sweden has Earthbenders.”

Don’t Stop

  • “I think I can do that dance [at the last 30 seconds where there’s hardly any dancing].”

Möt Mig i Gamla Stan

  • “You said this is the happiest breakup song? (Me: No, that’s 2006.) Oh, you had my interest at the time.”
  • “I’m sorry, this just looks like a presidential campaign. He’s running for president, the two male backing dancers are vice president and secretary of state, and that one dancer on the smoke machine is national security.”
  • “Those two guys are hotter than he is.”
  • (After showing them Alcazar’s “Blame it on the Disco” since Magnus and Andreas used to be in a relationship) “So he looks like he’s on a serious campaign, while they look like they just lost the election and are saying, ‘f*** it, we’re going to the club.’”


  • “Why is he dressed up like a waiter?”

Don’t Stop Believing

  • “ I think they got rid of the music for the show…”

Guld och Gröne Skogar

  • “Now this is real music!”
  • “I wanna dance to this!”

It feels great to have other people to bounce comments off of while watching Mello. Maybe next time I’ll ask them to watch Eurovision with once all the songs come out…