2017 Review: Greece

Greece didn’t qualify last year and broke their streak of 100% qualification when they placed second last in the semi. Needless to say, ERT wasn’t very happy to see that and needed something to bounce back to a respectable placing. A win would mean bankrupting the country (or at least the TV broadcaster), but somewhere in the top half would be great.

In that case, the best thing would be to call Ghostbusters the guy responsible for a bunch of Dream Team entries that’s in town and ask him to write a song for a big-name artist. And that’s what they did. After announcing that Demy would represent Greece, ERT announced that Dimitris Kontopoulos (co-composer of 6 Eurovision entries from 5 countries, all of which placed in the top 10) would compose the entry. Three songs were composed, a (somewhat questionable) national final was held, and Demy’s song turned out to be “This is Love.”

Okay so #ControversialEurovisionOpinion: Even though I wasn’t a major fan of “Utopian Land” at first, last year was better.

Even though Demy’s confirmed to be a good singer, even though we’re pretty much guaranteed to see a great stage show, especially if choreographer Fokas Evagelinos is involved, this seems like a rehash of Germany’s 2013 entry, except ERT changed up the artist, made the song three minutes to start with (so no weird fail edit), and avoided copyright/plagiarism issues. (ESC Pulse also mentioned that “This is Love” appeared to have the same structure of Russia’s entry last year…which was  *surprise* co-written by the same person.)

So yes, Greece is sending a plug and chug entry. It’ll qualify, and it’ll get a score more respectable than second last in the semi, and I might put it on my work playlist because it’s uptempo, but it’s not really going anywhere outside the contest.


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