My friends watch Mello

Well then. The final’s going to be next week, and I’ve been super lazy with reviews. There’s already…23 songs out now? And at the same time, I’ve managed to watch all 4 semifinals (thank goodness UMK didn’t take place on a Mello Saturday). On the other hand, my writing drive is still hovering around zero, so instead of a fleshed out review (which I’ll probably do for the final) here are some random thoughts while watching (or re-watching) the semis with my friends.

They’re not Eurovision or Mello fans, but I’ve been hanging around them long enough that they know it’s national final season right now, and they know some of the entries already.


  • Boris René: Her Kiss (AC >> Final)
    • Does he wear socks while he performs? Because if you don’t wear socks your feet stink. He probably does when he plays football but is he wearing them right now? I’d be concerned for his backing dancers if he didn’t.
    • Did he say “I wanna get her kids?”
  • Adrijana: Amare (6th)
    • This isn’t trashy enough for Eurovision.
  • Dinah Nah: One More Night (5th)
    • That outfit does NOT look comfortable.
    • Looks like she’s going for a football halftime performance?
    • But it’s a really good performance. I really like the rap part when she’s laying down.
  • De Vet Du: Road Trip (AC>> out)
    • Johan looks like the pharmacist that I work with
    • But he also looks like Bobby Flay!
    • *bobs head to the instrumental after listening to it for the 5th time straight to see what was going on*
    • That does not look safe if they were actually going on a road trip.
    • Wait, they’re wearing traffic cones on their heads? I thought they were hats at first.
    • DJ Hunk is just there for the fan service and it’s not even that good. Wait, is he there just to DJ and wash the car?
  • Charlotte Perrelli: Mitt Liv (7th)
    • She’s playing guitar. But I can’t hear any guitar…?
  • Ace Wilder: Wild Child (Final)
    • Looks like she woke up, couldn’t find a stage outfit, covered her pajamas in glue, and threw glitter all over herself.
    • Those aren’t pajamas, wouldn’t you be cold if you wear crop top pajamas to bed?
  • Nano: Hold On (Final)
    • He looks like the guy who sang the Mother song…


  • Mariette: A Million Years (Final)
    • I want to be her backing dancer, those bungee cords look fun.
  • Roger Pontare: Himmel och Hav (5th)
    • He didn’t qualify because he’s not trashy enough
    • No, he didn’t qualify because everyone who failed his anatomy class refused to vote for him
    • If she didn’t give a f/ why don’t they let him qualify instead?
  • Etzia: Up (6th)
    • She’s from the US? No wonder she didn’t qualify.
    • She has a lower voice than I do!
  • Allyawan: Vart har du Vart (7th)
    • Um… was there a song?
  • Dissmissed: Hearts Align (AC>>out)
    • It’s a pretty good song, the outfits are just aesthetic.
  • Lisa Ajax: I Don’t Give A (AC>> Final)
    • No, she does give a f/ because she cared enough to find a decent stage outfit.
    • Looks like sparkly crop tops are in season.
  • Benjamin Ingrosso: Good Lovin’ (Final)
    • He looks like he’d fit in on the cast of Dawson Creek
    • Did they pull him off the Disney channel
    • Wait, he’s only 19? I thought he was in his mid 20’s already!


  • Robin Bengtsson: I Can’t Go On (Final)
    • This is a good performance.
    • Wait, but no one gives a f/ when he swears??
    • Was that crotch shot necessary? Nope.
  • Krista Siegfrids: Snurra min Jord (7th)
    • That top doesn’t look very comfortable
  • Anton Hagman: Kiss You Goodbye (AC>> Final)
    • It’s not trashy enough for Eurovision.”
  • Jasmine Kara: Gravity (6th)
    • “But we gravity”?
  • Owe Thörnqvist: Boogieman Blues (Final)
    • *stares at screen for next 3 minutes*
  • Bella & Fillippa: Crucified (5th)
    • I thought Sweden wasn’t very religious?
  • FO&O: Got a Thing About You (AC>>Final)
    • Are boy bands a thing again?

SF4: Confession: I only showed them 2 songs out of this semi.

  • Jon Henrik Fjällgren ft. Aninia: En Värld Full av Strider (Final)
    • She looks like she’s having fun…
    • Wait, this is your favorite of the semi?
  • Alice: Running with Lions (5th)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Les Gordons: Bound to Fall (6th)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Wiktoria: As I Lay Me Down (Final)
    • Well I like her hair. And her dress. Looks like something I’d wear.
    • But are you going to go to bed in that?
    • She didn’t bring a mattress or a blanket or a pillow!
  • Axel Schylström: När Ingen Ser (AC>>Out)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Sara Varga & Juha Mulari: Du får inte ändra på mig (7th)
    • *didn’t show them the song*
  • Loreen: Statements (AC>>Out)
    • Okay, so it’s interpretive dancing, and more interpretive dancing, and more interpretive dancing…

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