Thanks for…(bitter sarcastic)

After hearing Petr Elfimov’s “Eyes that Never Lie” a few times, I knew that I wanted to use the song to thank someone; maybe it would be really nice to do so around Thanksgiving. But then I realized that half of them were going to be sarcastic, so here’s a handful of the sarcastic ones right now.

And yes, I should be thankful for them for the first 2 levels on Maslow’s pyramid and helping with uni costs, but sometimes it’s really hard to see that. Sometimes it’s harder to see anything good if there’s a bunch of pain to get rid of first. I’ll try to post something a bit more positive, but right now I needed to vent a little.

  1. Thanks for invading my privacy, so now I have to try harder to hide stuff.
  2. Thanks for discrediting everything I try to say, so now I’m not going to try explaining anything if you’re just going to say “yeah, yeah, okay, we got it, you’re absolutely right.”
  3. Thanks for turning every 5 second joke into a 20 minute lecture, because now I don’t even want to talk to you anymore.
  4. Thanks for deciding that I don’t have any mental health issue and I’m just lazy, because now I know you won’t support my decision to get tested at the psych clinic at uni.
  5. Thanks for telling me to give up my passions as they’re not worthwhile, so now I’ll go out as a soulless robot who has to have happiness reprogrammed inside of me.
  6. Thanks for threatening to throw me out of the house whenever I have a panic attack, because now I have to hold it inside and wait until I’m alone for everything to explode.
  7. Thanks for telling me that I can’t sing or listen to music in the house, so now I have to wait until after 10:30 pm to listen to my 8GB of psychiatrist using headphones.
  8. Thanks for dismissing any successes, so the same goes with #3: I don’t want to talk to you anymore.
  9. Thanks for telling me that everyone my age is so much more successful than I will ever be. I don’t want to hear any more about how A has a job in California, B is doing research in grad school, and I’m getting a shite job at the pharmacy making something that’s barely $2 above minimum wage.
  10. Thanks for making my heartrate shoot up every time you call my name, because there can’t be anything good if it’s you calling.
  11. Thanks for reminding me that no one likes me, because apparently I don’t have real friends, my profs are just being polite as a job requirement, and my SO doesn’t really exist…

Okay, maybe it’s time to do something a bit more positive next time…


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