Music Shuffle Survey

So after a month and a half of job searching, I finally got a job at the pharmacy. Now I can finally say yay like Barei. Yay for some source of income. Yay for 10 hours of getting paid to get yelled at for. And yay for not having to sit in the house.

But that also means less time to write. So here’s a shuffle survey until I find the time to write something with more filling:

How are you today?  Hungary 2011- What about My Dreams?
(In my dreams, I’m great. As of right now, probably shite.)

How old are you? UK 2013- Believe in Me
(I could probably write any age above 17 and it’ll be believable because you’re never too old for uni)

Do you like candy? Belgium 2011- With Love, Baby
(I like black licorice a bit too much)

What’s your favorite color? UK 2014- Children of the Universe
(This answer doesn’t make any sense…unless it’s saying I like all colors of the universe)

Are you a boy or girl? Serbia 2008- Oro
(I don’t get it…)

What makes you happy? Ireland 2008- Irelande Douze Pointe
(I would love getting 12 points!)

What do I smell like? Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010- Thunder and Lighthing
(So…burned air it is? This is getting exciting…)

What do I miss right now? Belgium 2006- Je t’Adore
(I don’t miss Barney the Dinosaur. He was annoying.)

Am I keeping too many secrets? Bulgaria 2010- Angel Si Ti (You are an Angel)
(You’d be one for not giving them away.)

What will my last words be? Andorra 2009- La teva decision (Get a Life)
(Oh I will get one then.)

How old am I? Switzerland 2010- Il pleut de l’or
(Why is this asked twice in this survey?)

How often does my mood change? Georgia 2015- Warrior
(All the time from Amber Warrior to Nina Warrior)

How’s life? FYR Macedonia 2004- Life
(Life is life. It goes on.)

Where are you going? Switzerland 2012- Unbreakable
(Somewhere over the rainbow where people can’t break my plans)

Where is my love life at right now? Switzerland 2011- In Love for a While
(Let’s keep this because I like my SO)

Am I a bad person? Belgium 2003- Sanomi
(I’ll assume nothing’s said because it’s just mouth music syllables.)

What type of weather is my favorite? FYR Macedonia 2008- Let Me Love You
(FYR Macedonia has a sun on the flag, so I’ll say sunny days.)

Is my heart broken? Latvia 2016- Heartbeat
(I can still feel it working right, so probably not. Should I get an EKG?)

Am I mean? Sweden 2000- When Spirits are Calling My Name
(The voices in my head say I’m not.)

Do I want a drink right now? Russia 2011- Get You
(Of water. Or Arizona Ice Tea)

What was the last words I said? UK 2009- It’s My Time
(I’ll just say that when I finish this survey so the answer’s legit.)

Whens the last time you cried? Germany 2007- Frauen Regieren die Welt
(But that doesn’t answer the question at all…)

What’s my favorite food? Spain 2016- Say Yay!
(I say yay to turnip cake)

Say something scientific. Turkey 2004- For Real
(Peak heights of additives were determined by counting pixels using Microsoft Paint. #overlyhonestmethods)

Are you afraid of bugs? Greece 2008- Secret Combination
(If you combine roaches with wings and stings, then probably. I’ll grab a shoe and some Raid.)

Do I like shoes? Belgium 2016- What’s the Pressure?
(A. Read the name of this blog. B. I spread the pressure the way I want when I don’t wear them.)

What’s the last thing you read? Serbia 2007- Molitva
(I’ll read this one last time before posting this.)

What’s was the last activity I did? Ukraine 2006- Show Me Your Love
(I jumped rope? Or played with a tambourine?)

Am I free? Germany 1999- Reise nach Jerusalem
(Free enough to go on a journey?)

Whens the last time you partied? Azerbaijan 2015- Hour of the Wolf
(The last time I partied with “wolves” was in elementary/primary school when the school mascot was a wolf.)

Have you ever bought someone flowers? Netherlands 2010- Ik ben Verliefd (Sha-La-Lie)
(Someone switch the song on the Ohrwurm Network before answering…)

What song describes me? Luxembourg 1980- Papa Pingouin
(Wow, so I’m not even human today…)

Name a random song. Croatia 2009- Lijepa Tena
(Comment could not be found.)

Are you bored? Bulgaria 2016- If Love was a Crime
(Am I if I sing ILWAC every time I pass Genova Pizza Parlor on my way to work?)

Will I get far in life? Slovenia 2014- Spet (Round and Round)
(No. Apparently I’m just going around in circles.)

How do friends see me? Turkey 2009- Dum Tek Tek
(I make a lot of noise apparently.)

What’s my friends’ theme song? France 2015- N’oubliez Pas
(Don’t forget my friends?)

What’s my funeral song? Turkey 1997- Dinle
(Do people actually listen to speeches during funerals? I’ve only been to 2 and they didn’t really involve talking.)

Am I happy with myself? Moldova 2011- So Lucky
(Yes, I’m so lucky!)

What’s my motto? Romania 2009- The Balkan Girls
(“It’s time for me to unwind.”)


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