You know you’ve been watching too much Eurovision when… (pt 4)

Click here for part 1,  here for part 2, and here for part 3.

1. You look at your car dashboard and decide that whoever designed the speedometer must be a fan of Molly Pettersson Hammar.

Miles per hour? What are you talking about?

2. You’d be able to pay for your flight to Kyiv (or wherever Eurovision will be hosted next May) if you got a dollar every time someone asked if Eurovision was like American Idol.

Oh, it’s a singing competition? Like Idol?

3. You cringe whenever someone brings up “Azerbaijan” and “Kardashian” in the same sentence.

I don’t care how much Samra looks like her. Don’t say it. Of if you really have to, don’t do it on public broadcasting.

4. The last thing you’ll think of when you see the name “Für Elise“ is a singing garbage truck or one of Beethoven’s most famous works; the first thing you think of is an Eesti Laul entry that got robbed in 2014.

5. Seeing this on your TV or computer screen is totally normal:

As is this:

And this:

6. You start laughing in front of the donut case while everyone else gets confused about what’s going on.

Donut, donut, donut, donut, donut, donut, glad I may, eat nice I say. So many!

7. You buy a pair of yellow Swedish clogs (and start singing Diggiloo-Diggiley)


8. You don’t tell your SO that you love them; you give them 12 points


9. You’ve attempted to sing mid-sit-up to determine how hard it actually was for Sergey Lazarev to sing while on the screen


(It’s actually really hard if you haven’t worked on your abs for a while)

10. You are now an expert at splitting your screen and tuning out external noise to watch multiple national finals at the same time. It doesn’t matter that much with the songs because 80% of them are in English.

Not included in picture: Phone with downloaded SVT App to watch Mello

11. Your boss  wanted to ask why you could only work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during one particular week in May. (While mine knew about the contest because she grew up in Antwerp, she also knew about streaming it on YouTube so I still had to work the entire week…)

Thanks to LogoTV messing things up that wouldn’t work this year.

12. You get extremely disappointed at Pride Prom when you find out the DJ doesn’t even have “Euphoria” on their playlist. So much for “DJ, please take me away.”


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  1. […] Click here for part 1,  here for part 2, here for part 3, and here for part 4 […]

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