Overall thoughts

So now that the contest is over and it’s been confirmed that Ukraine a) has won and b) will host the contest in 2017, it’s time for everyone to comment/complain about the contest:

The shows are getting really long: While I absolutely love Eurovision and watching the live performances/interval acts/voting, I live in a country where the contest doesn’t really matter to most people and have never been able to finish watching a live show. 3pm? Go drive to the grocery store and pick up some vegetables. 5pm? Start making dinner. 6pm? Start eating dinner, and don’t eat in front of your computer. 7pm? Well the show is over, and I missed everything because time has no mercy. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but getting interrupted and missing out on half the show is really annoying.

ESC is merging with the Tony Awards: When someone asks for the Nth time whether Eurovision is like Idol, I’m now going to direct them to this and say it’s more like OTT talent show meets European geopolitics meets Tony Awards, but only one award is presented.

. So maybe I should look into the shows getting nominated for the Tonys in June, and that’ll help to allay my Post-Eurovision Depression. (And thanks ManuElla for teaching a TOEFL/GRE word!)

It was easy to see the effects of the split voting: I guess this can be seen as a good thing, since instead of complaining 3 weeks later once the results get posted, people can get the anger out of their system early. We’ve all seen how the jury and televote cancel each other out (i.e. Poland’s 2014 jury last place + televote 5th= less than 10th place and therefore no points), or how diaspora televoting and/or politically-biased jury votes could affect the scores. And of course that happened to no one’s surprise.

But this time the effect of the jury and televote canceling each other out went a bit overboard. Australia, which was first place in the jury vote, placed 3rd in the televote. Russia, which was first place in the televote with over 400 points, placed only 5th in the jury vote. As a result, Ukraine, which had placed 2nd in the semifinal, 2nd in the jury vote, and 2nd in the televote, was able to creep through when the values were added together. So to really no one’s surprise, the Russian delegation that was hyped to win in the odds (sorry about people who lost their money) became frustrated at the voting system, and that the jury robbed their chances of winning.

kirkorov voting complaint

Polina Gagarina (Russia’s entrant last year) then pointed out that while Sergey Lazarev hadn’t won the contest, it was okay because the televoters were the people who he could count on to cheer for him at his concerts and download his music. And he still got a Marcel Bezençon Artist award, so the delegation can’t say it was a total fail.

The semifinal results are up: After seeing the semifinal results, I almost cried again. Iceland was 14th? San Marino was 12th? And how the hell was Estonia LAST in the semifinal? I mean I understand that the ESC staging wasn’t as effective as the Eesti Laul staging, but last place? (Thank you Finnish televoters for giving him 12 points…)

stig last place

Otherwise, what else did I get out of the show?




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