Semi 1: the aftermath

Well, I guess my Finnish friend up north is exploding after seeing the odds of his country qualifying. Hopefully he was too busy watching football to care…

Who I predicted would qualify (without watching the rehearsals): Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, and Malta

Who actually qualified: Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria, Azerbaijan, and Malta, so now we have to say goodbye to Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina’s perfect qualification record, and we can say hello to Czech Republic’s highest score ever.

8 out of 10 isn’t that bad, but I’m just really disappointed about Estonia and Iceland not qualifying. I thought Iceland was a sure qualifier due to its position in the odds and how well-produced the entry was, and that she was going to beat her 20th place position from 2012. Looks like the odds were wrong.

And then there’s Estonia. Given that it was 11th in the odds to qualify, I should have been more careful when making my predictions, but my heart just told me to hit play. Given Stig Rästa’s composition job and all the media attention from the Baltic Boys memes, and how much I loved belting the song in the car, Play was in my top 5, maybe even top 3 of the entire year. Unlike at work, when half the time I had to crank up my voice an octave because I felt self-conscious about my voice being too low and not matching my name, I didn’t have to worry about anything. It was chill and relaxing, I could sing away cramps with the song, and for 3 minutes I could be proud to hit all the notes. If I could, I would swap out Hungary and Azerbaijan for Estonia and Iceland.

But since I can’t, here’s an angry Måns.

I’m really happy about Croatia qualifying though, since it’s also one of my top 5 and her rehearsal got a lot of flak online (mostly about the tent/solar panel dress). I’ll be waving my Croatian flag on Saturday.


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