Shitpost Doodling pt.2

So yesterday I put up a bunch of shitpost doodles. But wait! There’s more!

(Same disclaimer as yesterday: These are not and won’t ever be masterpieces, since the doodles took about 2 minutes or less to complete. So don’t be surprised if the people look nothing like what they’re supposed to look like. That’s also why most of them only show the back of their heads…)

And here we go again!


Germany: Jamie-Lee’s computer gets hacked by the Ghost virus for the 3rd time this month.

Azerbaijan: Samra is confused to why SVT provided her a donut piano as part of the staging

Romania 2014= also titled Miracle

Israel: Hovi Star sends out an inspirational message to either himself or his fans

Iceland: Greta Salome hears Dan the Carpet Cleaner’s robo- call ad for the 3rd time in less than a week.

Albania: Eneda Tarifa is confused at what’s going on in a book of “new and improved fairy tales”

Quote stolen from Tooji’s “Packin’ Guns” video

Sweden/Russia: Frans is not sorry for unplugging the router. In the other room, Sergey Lazarev laments the only bar of Wi Fi disappearing.

France: Amir searches for his passport.

Montenegro: The members of Highway are upset that they bought imitation/knock- off goods off the Internet.

Switzerland: Rykka buys the last limited- edition princess cake in the bakery


The cakes are actually pretty good…

Ireland: Nicky Byrne realizes that there was confusion when he requested a sun lamp for the studio. While it looks nice, it cannot undo anyone’s SAD.

Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan looks at a patient’s EKG.

Bulgaria: Poli Genova reads about the current status of L.O. V. E. (aka the middle finger sculpture/“Il Dito”) in Milan

Hungary: Freddie’s character dies of dysentery for the nth time while playing Oregon Trail.


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