Shitpost Doodling

So I get bored sometimes and start drawing. Here’s what happens…

(Disclaimer: Most of these took less than 2 minutes, and I can’t really draw people. So be warned that they aren’t masterpieces)


Belgium: Laura Tesoro observes the air pressure using a mercury column

Poland: Michal Szpak decides what colors to paint his new work, which is titled “Your Life”

Estonia: Juri Pootsmann realizes he forgot to press play

Australia: Dami Im listens to the sound of silence with industrial earmuffs that can block up to 70dB

Moldova/Belarus: After seeing Lidia’s accident, Ivan regrets starting a “fly with the stars” program

Denmark/Croatia/Malta: The soldiers of love have yet to realize that behind them Nina Kraljic had a boating accident and Ira Losco is casually walking on the water.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Deen and Dalal present what love is. The audience sees the title and immediately hears “Baby don’t hurt me” in their heads

Hello from Daniel Kajmakoski’s stick person too 🙂

Norway: Agnete enjoys a bowl of shaved ice, while the shaved ice guy breaks another chunk of ice for future customers

And yes, the shaved ice guy is supposed to be Renars from Brainstorm…

Latvia: Justs borrows his doctor’s stethoscope to listen to his heartbeat

FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi chooses from a selection of donuts

Slovenia: ManuElla mixes red paint with blue paint, hoping to make purple

San Marino: Serhat thinks the picture shows a hat (and hasn’t seen the Little Prince)

Clearly it’s a boa constrictor digesting an elephant.

Lithuania: Donny Montell had been looking forward to the night he finishes his tax returns, and is now off to the club.

*excuse to listen to In the Club*

Czech Republic: Gabriela Guncikova sits down and watches a movie.

Because the song is called I stand…


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