Semi 1: Breakdown and Predictions

So I found out yesterday that I won’t be watching the first semi because I have a job interview that day at 4pm EDT/ 10pm CET, when the live performances are still going on. That’s going to be fun. Anyways, here’s the breakdown for Semifinal 1:

  • 14 solo acts
    • 9 female solos : Finland, Moldova, Croatia, Armenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Malta
    • 5 male solos: Hungary, Netherlands, San Marino, Russia, Estonia
  • 4 group acts
    • 2 male-only groups: Cyprus, Montenegro
    • 2 mixed-gender groups: Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • 7 acts were selected by external selection: Finland, Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Iceland, Malta
  • 11 acts were selected by internal selection: Greece, Croatia, Netherlands, Armenia, San Marino, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • 4 former Eurovision artists will return to the Eurovision stage: Bojan Jovović from No Name (Serbia and Montenegro 2005), Greta Salóme (Iceland 2012), Deen (Bosnia-Herzegovina 2004), Ira Losco (Malta 2002)
  • 1 former Eurovision artist will return as a composer: Stig Rästa (Estonia 2015)
  • 9 entries have foreign involvement: Moldova, Croatia, Armenia, San Marino, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Malta
    • 5 of those entries have Swedish involvement (Moldova, Russia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Malta)
  • 5 artists participated in past national selections but didn’t make it to ESC: Lidia Isac, Sergey Lazarev, Minus One, Zoë, Samra
  • 3 entries are not 100% English: Greece (Pontic Greek verses), Austria (French), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Bosnian)

My predictions for the semi: (Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the rehearsals, so my predictions are based on studio versions and promo party performances only)

Who will qualify: Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Malta

Acts that I really want to qualify: Netherlands, Armenia, Estonia

(Let’s also throw in Finland too, because I know a certain person who’ll explode if his country doesn’t qualify)


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