2016 Review: France

France hasn’t done very well in recent years. In 2014 they came in last (though I still suspect bad staging). In 2015 they managed to double their previous score, which would sound like a good thing if their 2014 point count wasn’t only 2 points.

With a revamp of selection process, a new (very enthusiastic) head of the French delegation, France isn’t trying to just get a decent score this year; they’re in it to win and are second in the odds behind Russia. For anyone who only looked at the title of Amir’s song, “J’ai cherché” (I have searched), it seems as if it’s about France’s journey back to winning the contest from 1977.

When I listen to the song, I feel like the dancer in the video confidently walking down the streets, carrying his shoes over his shoulders. With a sincere-looking smile on Amir’s face and the drum beats on the down beat and claps on the up beats, the refrain is really catchy and Ohrwurm-y, like this is a virus that I want to spread around. And considering that it’s part French and part English, in the case that France does win, we can be sure that there will be at least some English from the hosts (unlike Rome 1991). Now if only they had switched back to French in the final refrain like in the original version, because it sounded good in both languages…


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