2016 Review: Israel

2015 saw the return of Israel to the final after four straight years of non-qualifications. Since the formula worked, IBA kept the national final “Rising Star” and eventually selected Hovi Star…with “Made of Stars.” (Yes, that’s a lot of stars. Just make sure they’re not falling like Moldova…)

Given that matter can’t be destroyed or created, then yes, we are all made of stars. In our case, most people believe that the Earth and the rest of the solar system were formed from matter flung out when the sun (a star) was forming. And if we’re all made from the same stars and earth, then we are all equal at a certain point. In Hovi’s case, he’s talking race/ethnicities/sexualities/genders: While yes, we do have these labels to (self)-identify, humans are human.

Drones on the other hand, not so much…

“Made of Stars” one of the few ballads in the competition this year along and one of two with Poland in the second semifinal, so it should stand out. While Poland’s entry seems to be at the same emotional level despite constant movement, Israel’s entry starts out small and rises to a climax (where €18K worth of pyros and fireworks will be released on stage). While I like the song, I think I like it because a) I’ve listened to it multiple times, and b) Hovi’s interviews are glorious and he seems like a really cool person to hang out with. If I had only heard the song once, I would have said that it’s a song suited for the dentist office, since it’s calm enough for patients to not scream when needles/cotton balls/epoxy/dental drills go in their mouths, but it’s got some movement for the patients to focus on so they don’t fall asleep.

(In that case, what would happen if someone played his interviews while getting a filling?)


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