2016 Review: Latvia

I looked under my pillow this morning and found this paper Eurovision heart with the Latvian flag. Could this mean anything?


It’s that or I was bored one night testing out new markers. Hmmmmm…

Ah, Latvia. Intars Busalis sang about the traffic jam where all the Latvian points between 2009 and 2014 were lost. They clawed back up from last place to 14th in the final, and finally qualifying with second in the final with Aminata’s “Love Injected” in 2015. Thanks to a revamped national selection, a qualification, and an ad break beaver, people started paying attention to Latvia again. (But I think it’s mostly been focused on the beaver)

Aminata’s returning to ESC, this time as a composer the entry by Justs, “Heartbeat.”

Compared to last year, “Heartbeat” is still synth-pop-ish, but it’s a lot more radio-friendly than “Love Injected,” but it still sounds like an Aminata song (though a bit more like her song “Dualism” without the autotune). Justs also brings a lot of grit to the song, and I hope he doesn’t oversing too much when he belts out the refrain, since I tried singing with and it’s really hard to not just(s) force it out.

Since semi 2 rehearsals haven’t started yet, the only visuals that people have noticed so far are his Instagram and his leather jacket (seen everywhere). I’m also going to guess that, like Robin Bengtsson in Melodifestivalen, someone’s going to ask him whether he uses contacts and if so, what brand he uses…


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