2016 Review: Cyprus

No more (pre-recorded) national selection marathons for Cyprus; instead CyBC just went for an artist and later announced the composers that they were working with. In that case, it was the band Minus One teaming up with Thomas G:Son (whose name Microsoft Word will always highlight) to present the song “Alter Ego.”

It’s a rather decent schlager-rock entry, and it’s one that sounds a bit better than some of the ones from Melodifestivalen that all sound the same and use the same baseline and hook. And for that I’ll just mention: Dear Mr. G:Son, have you ever considered writing fewer entries that appear to have more effort put in instead of sending out 20 less-than-fantastic similar-sounding schlager songs that don’t involve Magnus Carlsson made from pressing the same buttons and have different lyrics?

Despite my slight disapproval/annoyance with G:Son’s compositions, at least he’s a good producer who gave Georgia’s recent 2 entries more power and energy than they started with. The same goes with the Cypriot entry this year. It’s got a really catchy baseline that I like playing in the car with the sound all the way up (kind of like Francois does in the video), and like Montenegro’s entry, it’s great feeling the baseline through the gas pedal.


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