2016 Review: Armenia

For anyone who misreads words as much as I do, no, it doesn’t say “America.” Just saying…

Note that this doesn’t have stars. And it has orange.

AMPTV really likes to take things slowly for hype reasons, and it feels like they’re trying to become the new Sweden when it comes to announcements. However, while Sweden actually had the events and national final to back things up, Armenia tends to fall short, especially if some of the announcements are simply “[Insert Artist Here] is currently picking songs” of “[Insert Artist Here] is recording in the studio.” I don’t think that many people were that excited to hear the artist announcement in November, expect to see the song presentation on 1 January due to hearing about a “special announcement” (which happened to be a backstage video of “we’ve reduced the choices to 2 songs and I really like one of the two”), and then finding out that it was going to be until March that the entry would be revealed.

And when AMPTV and artist Iveta Mukuchyan revealed their entry, people wondered what was going on with the title.

Yes, the title is spelled as one word, “LoveWave”, kind of like an effective hashtag with the words separated with capital letters. This is clearer than the “jesuisXXX” tags, where I kept misreading the tag as “jesu is XXX” instead of “je suis xxx.” But why would it be one word? Because if it was two words, then the title would mean this:

And Armenia is susceptible to earthquakes, like in 1988…

So maybe LoveWave could stand for an EKG, since that’s also a wave? It also works that like the song, which starts out small and ends up as a euphoric pulsing, is kind of like how the SA node in the right atrium sends out autorhythmic signals that travel down the heart muscle until the entire organ contracts to send blood to the entire body.

Once Iveta finishes the whispering part which a) sounds like she might have been listening to Adele’s “Hello” prior to writing the lyrics and b) I’m not the biggest fan of, the song jumps up full of energy and turns into one of my favorite songs of the year despite weeks of only understanding the word “you….” When she’s still whispering, I can switch the song off. After the song builds up, a chill runs up and down my spine, and the gong hits, I have to keep listening to the song. Until the final gong sounds off, there doesn’t seem to be a proper place to stop; despite the pulsing baseline which grounds the song, everything else is floating in the air and doesn’t touch the ground, climbing higher until it plateaus during the instrumental break and stays high up. (And given this feeling, I wonder if she’ll be walking on clouds during her performance…)


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