2016 Review: Moldova

After Moldova’s disappointing (and completely undeserved) last place finish in 2014, TVM opened up the selection to all artists around Europe and went for someone who looked like IVAN’s younger brother and sounded like he escaped an early 2000’s boyband. Combined with way too much lactose and too many (read: more than 0) unnecessary crotch shots, this entry ended up in my bottom 5 ranking. (Wow, I guess sometimes sexual orientation DOES affect song ranking XD)

Since that didn’t work out, TVM went back to only opening the contest to Moldovan citizens only. Unfortunately, due to suspected corruption in the contest, some of the more prominent or more hyped acts withdrew, such as Elle (which included former entrant Natalia Barbu) and Litesound. With some of the competition gone, Lidia Isac was able to win Moldova’s national final with the entry “Falling Stars.”

And yes, Swedish composer Gabriel Alares, who co-wrote the Norwegian entry, also co-wrote this song. (G:Son, on the other hand, only has one country this year.)  This entry sounds like a “stereotypical” schlager entry that would show up in the dance club or maybe at Pride Prom if the DJ ever decided to play Eurovision-related entries. Unless you end up standing right next to the speakers without earplugs in, this would probably be fun to move along to. Given that there aren’t that many songs of the similar genre (outside of Russia, though YATOO is more Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-ish), it should stand out in the semi***.

(***This doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to do well. Finland stood out last year too.)


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