2016 Review: Lithuania

Donny Montell is back four years after Love is Blind, which was complete with sparkly blindfolds, one-handed cartwheels, and air guitars at the time. I’ll guess that he still had an itch to return and that he had been waiting for the night that Lithuania selected him to represent his country.

When the song was released in the beginning of Lithuania’s Eurovizijos marathon, I was really bored. This sounded really cheesy and cliché, and it didn’t really help that I’m lactose intolerant: While I didn’t almost throw up again due to a friend tricking me into drinking a glass of milk, I don’t want to deal with cheese unless it’s self-inflicted, not to mention that the song’s not clearly labeled like Denmark’s 2014 entry. After looking at the list of composers, I wasn’t really surprised that he teamed up with a Swedish group in order to enter something “radio friendly.” Eventually I warmed up a little to it, but I’m still not sure about how to react to Donny’s hair.

In the song, Donny sings about the night he’s been waiting for. But what night could it be about?

  • The night when he finally sees his SO or family after a long time
  • The night that Eurovizijos ended
  • The night that he performs on the Eurovision stage in Stockholm
  • The night that he finishes and mails off his tax returns, and doesn’t have to worry about them for another year
  • The night that an album gets released
  • The night that he gets a record deal or job
  • The night that the movie he’s been waiting for comes out on midnight release
  • The night that he gets a big paycheck
  • The night that spring cleaning is over
  • Etc…



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