2016 Review: Romania

In 2006, Mihai Traistariu represented Romania with the song Tornero and got 4th place in the final. Ten years later he wanted to return to the contest, improve his score, and bring the audience to Paradisio. Anyways that didn’t happen, since he ended up…second last in the national final. It’s probably an understatement to say the guy was pissed off. Instead the winner was Ovidiu Anton, with “Moment of Silence.”

I’m not sure about his musical background, but this sounds like it belongs in a musical theatre production, and I liked the epicness at first listen. It’s got vibes from the 2015 Czech entry combined with the drama from Angelo de Nile’s gladiator entry at UMK the same year. Unlike “All for Victory,” the five characters sound more like they’re a closer-knit group rather than one person trying to rule over everyone else. Instead of simply “We will win”, it sounds more like a Memorial Day theme of “Yes, we lost in the past, but if we remember the past and stick together, we’ll eventually win the fight.” The swordsman seems a little random at first, but his performance fits in a lot more than other sword-related stagings (e.g. Georgia 2007), and the choreography reminds me a bit of someone performing Tai Chi sword.

A lot of people on YouTube are putting this as their bottom 17 (read: not/shouldn’t be qualifying) acts on their top 43 rankings. I really hope that the rankings don’t match the actual scores, and his qualifying would be great.

Also, here’s Ovi -1 and Ovi-2 :

Credit: Ovi’s Facebook (the one from 2010/2014)


As of 22. April (read: 18 days prior to the semifinals), the EBU announced that Ovidiu Anton would be unable to participate in Eurovision, as TVR has a massive debt accumulated over years (So…kind of like the USA’s national debt?). But now this is turning into the ESC version of Anna Book’s disqualification, with the artist and song announced, promo done, and suddenly one unchecked issue (in her case, the song was performed/published before the allowed date) results in the song getting removed from competition. Either way, the EBU and SVT should have announced the withdrawals earlier, e.g.

  • Prior to announcing Romania’s 2016 participation back in 2015
  • Prior to selecting artists for Selecţia Naţională
  • Prior to hosting Selecţia Naţională
  • Prior to all the at-home rehearsals
  • Prior to the March 14 HOD meeting deadline
  • Prior to all the promo touring
  • Prior to putting the song on the official album and publishing the album on Spotify/Itunes/usw.

Times they should not have announced TVR’s withdrawal

  • 18 days before the semifinals, when pretty much everything except for rehearsals in Stockholm is in place.

While TVR should have been more responsible about the 15-million Euro debt, I feel really bad for Ovidiu being the peanut butter stuck between two slices of bread (the EBU and TVR). It took him 5 attempts to win Selecţia Naţională, and the time he finally wins the EBU says he can’t participate due to issues wildly out of his control. I wonder if he’ll try again…


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