2016 Review: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan hasn’t sent an entry without Swedish involvement since 2008, a.k.a. every entry besides their first has been co-written by a Swede. And for the past six years, all of those entries have been ballads. This year that trend has been broken and ĺTV has sent something more uptempo, with Samra and her entry “Miracle” (no relation to Romania’s 2014 entry, so seeing that donut piano for the second time will be very unlikely). It still sounds very Swedish, like it was supposed to enter Melodifestivalen but didn’t make Björkman’s cut.

The most notable composer on the list is Henrik Wikström, who wrote entries including Invincible (Sweden 2006 with Carola), Cara Mia with MZW (yep, I’m too lazy to search for the å on Microsoft Word), and Constellation Prize with Robin Bengtsson. And he finally got another entry to ESC, albeit not for Sweden.

Judging simply by the music video, it’s not bad. According to some people that had time to watch her live performances at pre-parties, she might be able to brush up a bit more and bring backing vocalists, but there shouldn’t be any major issue at the competition.

Does Azerbaijan have any local composers that could write a song next year? While importing a Swedish-composed entry isn’t bad, I’d love to know if they could pull off an entry without tariffs and visa issues…


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