2016 Review: FYR Macedonia

***I’m just going to refer to the country as Macedonia because it’s easier to type, especially after working on a lab report for hours. Just saying.

After three years of straight non-qualifications, Macedonia (FYR) decided to go back to what worked in 2012: Send Kaliopi, let her team do all the work, do a bit of promo touring, and hopefully end up in the top half of the semi-final. Last time she said that everything has black and white inside. This time she’s thanking someone named Dona in a song with vibes from the Phantom’s “Think of Me.”

Kaliopi’s got a PSA:

1) Her 2012 and 2016 songs are completely different entries and comparing the two is like apples and planets.

2) The song title is Dona, not “Donut” or “Döner.” (But what about “donut, donut, donut, donut, donut, donut, glad I may eat nice they say, so many” and all the other misheard lyrics?)

Considering that she’s said that everyone has a Dona figure that they can thank for changing their lives and giving them strength to go on, I’m guessing that Kaliopi’s Dona is similar to Nina Kraljić’s lighthouse, Petr Elfimov’s angel, and Emmelie de Forest’s rainmaker. And maybe the one person who casts the last vote to push her country into the final as well?


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