2016 Review: Estonia

Stig Rästa participated in Eesti Laul 9 times as a composer or artist before finally winning and placing 7th in the final with Elina Born. This year he returned to Eesti Laul for the 10th time as a composer, co-writing the song “Play” performed by Jüri Pootsmann (recent winner of Estonian Idol).

While this song had the hype during Eesti Laul, I wasn’t sure if it was my winner at the time; prior to the contest I really liked Laura’s “Supersonic” , Mick Pedaja’s “Seis”, and Meisterjaan’s “Parmupillihullus” (especially their live performance), while “Play” seemed to drag a bit. Staging-wise it looked like Jüri (and the floating heads in the backdrop) had a secret plan to take over the world, but at the same time he seemed really chill like someone performing for a smaller audience. After it won Eesti Laul I listened to it a few more times, and the song grew on me, and I was really excited to try to sing along with in the car. The song goes pretty low, but Jüri sounds really relaxed and doesn’t really belt, so I can sing with comfortably without having to crank the pitch up.

While he hasn’t taken over the world yet, he, along with Lithuania’s Donny Montell and Latvia’s Justs, has taken over the Eurovision section of Tumblr as the Baltic Boys (not to be confused with the Balkan Girls in 2009), and this is glorious:


Source: elneyw from Tumblr

Souce: san-mamemeo on tumblr

source: elneyw from tumblr

This is what happens when Wiwibloggs asks about the Baltic Boys memes


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