2016 Review: Croatia

Croatia is finally back after 2 years away from the contest, and they’ve decided to send Nina Kraljić with the song “Lighthouse.”

Prior to hearing her song I heard some people say that her singing voice sounded a bit sean-nos-ish (though not to the point that it sounds off-key, like Ireland 2007). After listening to the song, I think the comparison works to a point. Her voice is definitely really breathy, and “Lighthouse” sounds like someone crossed “Only Teardrops” with something by Enya (even with the drums to back it up).

Thanks to a bunch of issues (*cough* house drama), I’m really feeling the lyrics of the refrain: in devastating times I kept this hope of mine, even in the darkest nights, ‘cause there is a light guiding my way, keeping me safe from ocean’s rage. [It’s] there in the sky hiding away. [It’s] never too dark and I know that I’ll find your lighthouse. It’s calming, and yet it’s still got enough of a beat (kind of like standing waves on the water) for me to keep paying attention. The lyrics remind me a bit of Celtic Thunder’s “Heartland”, which mentions a ship lost at sea with the passengers praying for safe passage. While religion isn’t explicitly mentioned, “Lighthouse” is one of those songs that are directed to such a generic character that someone might be able to use the song in church: the ship turning over is people going through hard times and the lighthouse is their faith.  Then again, this entry comes from the same country that used Marija Magdalena as an analogy about being the first person to find out that someone’s fallen in love. From a non-religious perspective, the lighthouse is like the rainmaker, someone that’s really close and can be relied on emotionally. Or maybe it could work like the video: one side helps to calm down the other side that’s emotionally messed up and bring that side back to sanity.

Given their effort this year, I really hope Croatia qualifies to the final. Otherwise they’re going to walk off again…

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