2016 Review: Germany

Before discussing Germany’s actual entry this year, I just want to vent a little bit:

Germany, you had the chance to send monks with lasers and pyros. Lasers and pyros! How did they not even make the superfinal? Obviously the answer is that the televoters didn’t vote them in, but I’m still annoyed that Gregorian scored below a (somewhat decent) Ralph Siegel composition, a song that reminded me of the Crayon Shin-Chan theme song, and a guitar peace song with lyrics in the background that no one could read because the camera kept spinning round and round.

(In case you didn’t notice, Gregorian was my favorite act of ULfS)

Anyways, 1st place was the recent winner of the Voice of Germany, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, with the song “Ghost.”

Tune-wise it sounds a bit like a plodder, and the baseline reminds me a lot of Germany’s entry the previous year. Theme-wise it also sounds similar, since it’s another relationship that seems to have fallen apart. Last year the two were only left with smoke, and this year the two walk around with ghosts around their shoulder. As a result, this would probably get a similar score if it was audio only. But someone has to throw in a reminder that it’s EuroVISION, so there’s still the staging.

I really liked the intro where she stands in the darkness with a shadow against the moon backdrop. It’s just when the lights start to flash on her and the outfit with bright colors clashed with the dark staging and song, kind of like when it’s supposed to be dark and then there’s this fairy that’s not supposed to be there. On the other hand, her outfit and staging are what make the performance stand out, and pairing a memorable staging with a mildly-catchy song could get her some points.

One major issue that could bring her down is that she might get called out for cultural appropriation. While yes, there’s no problem with her saying that she loves Japanese street fashion and K-Pop, there will be some East Asians calling her a weaboo (extreme fan who doesn’t think China/Japan/Korea/etc can do any wrong, that [insert East Asian country here] is superior), an egg (white on the outside, yellow on the inside), or commenting that she doesn’t have any other connections to East Asia. Since I’m ABC, I kind of want to know how she got interested in the style, just to confirm that she’s not wearing something simply because it looks cool or for marketing purposes, that she’s got a story.


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