2016 Review: Norway

February 27, Super Saturday #4: On the same day that Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, and Moldova selected their entries, Norway hosted Melodi Grand Prix. Among the fan favorites were “Laika”, a disco memorial to the first dog in space by the Hungry Hearts, “Afterglow,” a magical ethereal ballad by Laila Samuels (who co-composed much of Lena’s most recent album), and “Icebreaker,” a song by Agnete Johnsen, former member of the Blacksheeps (which won MGP Nordic 2008 with a song about a fat dog that died of obesity). Barring some people on Twitter who are still upset about the results and annoyed that their favorites didn’t win, Icebreaker it is then.

No, it’s not supposed to be that kind of icebreaker; they’re not even sold in Europe. She’s referring to this kind of icebreaker.

At first listen, the tempo change between the verses and refrain sounds really jarring; a lot of people have compared the verses of the song to “Euphoria” and the refrain to “Chandelier.” As a result, there’s been a joke around that “Icebreaker” is really a mashup of two songs because the composers couldn’t decide which song to send.

Agnete claims that the tempo change was done on purpose, as it’s about a friend who rushed through life and needed intervention to slow down:

agnete icebreaker

In that case, the friend is cruising through the water on a motorboat during the verses. It’s small, maneuverable, and it can travel relatively quickly. However, it’s not going anywhere if it hits sheet ice, and the boat’s pretty likely to capsize or even break. In that case, the friend is better off getting on an icebreaker ship. It’s larger and a lot slower than the motorboat, but it’s a lot more stable and will break the ice directly instead of having to looping around small ice sheets only to stay trapped or stranded. In real life, the icebreaker ship would be someone mentally/emotionally stable to help the friend get through struggles.

It’s kind of interesting that both Norway and the Netherlands are sending entries about rushing too quickly in life and needing to slow down.  However, while Douwe Bob simply says to slow down and re-stabilize, Agnete promises that you won’t have to re-stabilize alone.


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