2016 Review: Hungary


After four direct qualifications to the final and really high ratings for A Dal, I thought I would try following the national final. And then I tried listening to all the songs and it didn’t work very well. Maybe it was because I tried listening right before falling asleep, or maybe I didn’t really care at the time. Anyways, the eventual winner of Hungary’s national final was Freddie (not his real name) with “Pioneer.”

And like pioneer wagons, the song plods along. I don’t care much for the song, and while the song sounded nice while listening to it for the first time right after A Dal, I couldn’t remember anything until watching around 40-50 “top 43” ranking videos. So now I can probably remember around 15-30 seconds of the song (that’s around 8-17% of the song). And even then, I had to go back to Wikipedia to look at what the title was. That’s probably not a good thing.

Of the part(s) that I do remember (“A million asdfasdfasd a million asdflkja;sldf, something something along”), I like the whistling that makes the song seem somewhat laid back, and the grit in Freddie’s voice is also really nice. (It’s especially nice for someone who can’t hit high notes, gets called “sir” on the phone, and gets told she can’t sing with the guys when trying out for choir because while she can hit some of the low notes there isn’t enough power in her throat to belt and she’s “capable” of singing alto part). I’m a little confused to the flames swirling in the backdrop like it’s from the aerodynamic shapes exhibit at the science museum though. Is he leading people through a tunnel of flames? I’m also more confused to why people ranked him top 10 in their ranking videos. Am I missing something, because there has to be more than his face looking nice on TV…


Well he can perform in awkward settings and not look awkward, maybe that’s the thing?

Sorry Hungary, but I’ll probably be getting food during this song.


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