2016 Review: Slovenia

Marjetka’s voice in 2015 reminded people of Duffy. This year Slovenia picked ManuElla, who reminds the audience of Taylor Swift. And yes, she’s well aware of the fact:

manuella taylor swift

I don’t know how she came up with the concept, but one possibility is that she originally planned on writing something “black and white” related and realized that everyone had already done that countless times. As a result, she changed colors and wrote the song as “Blue and Red.”

My first thoughts outside of, “She looks like Taylor Swift,” was “But blue and red make purple.” It didn’t make much sense since most people learn about mixing colors in elementary school art class, or at least when they try to color with their blue crayon over the red crayon. Maybe she was referring to printer colors, which only print four colors (red/magenta, yellow, blue/cyan, and black): Even when the colors look mixed on an image, in detail it’s still those four colors. In that case, any purple image is still just a bunch of blue dots and red dots. In that case, it would make sense that the two colors are kept separate all the time. Analogy-wise it also works, if she’s saying that blue is sadness and red is happiness and that someone can’t be happy and sad at one instant (though it’s possible over an extended period of time). The only time where it doesn’t work would be if she ran at supersonic speeds and the red ended up looking blue.

On a completely separate note, the ace in me couldn’t help but connect that red and blue make purple (bottom stripe of the ace pride flag) and that ManuElla appeared to be wearing a black ring. But as she wasn’t wearing it on her right middle finger, it wasn’t an ace ring. Whoops. Oh well. If it was, it looked a lot nicer than mine…


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