2016 Review: Switzerland

Switzerland’s no stranger to sending people from outside of their country to Eurovision. In fact, one of their 2 winners came from abroad. And thanks to that winner, the rest of the world got spammed with My Heart will Go On and low D whistles 10 years later. This year Switzerland decided to choose another singer from Canada (though instead of Montreal they looked at Vancouver on the other side instead), Rykka with “The Last of our Kind.”

I’m not sure how the judges sit through 8 hours of “expert check” to make sure the singers can sing. Sometimes it seems like the expert check turns into my professor trying to grade presentations when he got food poisoning: he couldn’t listen to anyone talk on stage since he either had a headache and/or was throwing up in the trashcan, so everyone got an A. In the case of the Swiss expert check, it means that a lot of random stuff got in, and Rykka was simply the best out of a bunch of middle-of-the-road entries. Yes she can definitely sing, but I also have a feeling that it’s calm enough so that my dentist would like to play this while filling in patients’ cavities. I’m not entirely sure how she’s going to do in the semi, but considering what she’s up against, Switzerland’s going to celebrate if they even qualify (or even not come last.) Maybe the Canadian-ness will help out a bit? Or maybe bribery with chocolate works too… (And then my dentist will like it even more because that means more patients…)



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