2016 Review: Denmark

Judging by Twitter’s comments, the terrible thing that Mørland did in his early youth was steal a time machine, start a boyband with two friends/acquaintances, travel with the band to February 13, 2016, enter Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, and anger a lot of Eurovision fans watching the contest. While I’m pretty sure that he didn’t really do that, one of the singers of Lighthouse X (pronounced Lighthouse Ten) does look a bit like Mørland. And there’s no denial about angry fans complaining that their favorites Simone and Anja Nissen didn’t win.

Their winning song “Soldiers of Love” reminds me a lot of last year’s Danish entry (which I liked), but the “let’s be nice to each other” theme makes it seem more like an updated version of “Love Shine a Light” combined with Simone’s 2013 DMGP entry’s intro and The Wanted’s Glad You Came”. It’s probably a reason why none of the three artists have a super punchable face, unlike last year. (Then again, the USA has had way too many of those people on the news already, and I don’t want angry fans punching the TV). So in the “let’s be nice to each other” theme, don’t punch your computer and make CIT technicians have to miss Eurovision to fix your screen.

Otherwise, here’s a random lighthouse because I couldn’t find Lighthouses I through IX:


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