2016 Review: Spain

I think my pieces of technology really want me to get back to studying. Last time when I planned on watching a national final I sat in the auto shop trying to look up articles to write a chem lab report and ended up following Eurofest snippets on Twitter and Snapchat. And then my laptop battery died before I could watch Spain’s Objetivo Eurovision. So much for that I guess…

Twitter eventually announced that Barei won the contest with “Say Yay!” Or as she sings in the song, “Say yay, yay, yay, hooray!” The song feels like a lot of songs mashed up together, but the one song that sticks out the most is the Æ-Ø-Å (Size Matters) song. The refrain’s “la-la-la” and “yay-yay-yay” is really catchy, but as of so far not as annoying as the Netherlands’ “Why-y-y-y” that I want to punch someone in the face. Barei also seems to have a lot of fun performing her song on stage, even throwing in Kurt Calleja’s foot shuffle.

I’m a little disappointed that the song’s entirely in English, but I’m not going to go crazy like the Real Academia Española reacting to any Eurovision entry that was less than 100% Spanish. They probably would have backed Maria Isabel (who won Junior in 2004), who had a pretty catchy, English-free entry that reminded me of Spain 2011 and Portugal 2009/2014. While I get that English is Eurovision’s primary lingua franca and that most high-placing entries are in English, I can kind of understand the RAE’s concern for loss of language/culture and wish that there were more languages present in the contest. Then again, it’s not the RAE sending Spain’s ESC entry; it’s RTVE. And as of so far, RTVE seems to be saying “yay.”



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