2016 Review: Malta

Did I watch Malta Eurovision Song Contest? No. And here’s why (outside of “I had homework”):

1. It’s 4 hours long

2. I kind of listened to the songs on YouTube and decided that none of the songs really stuck out.

3. Scan0002

After the 4 hours (or however long it’s supposed to be) Malta eventually decided that it was magical, logical, and natural (see what’s going on here?) to select Ira Losco’s “Chameleon” to go to Stockholm. That wasn’t much of a surprise since her comeback to Eurovision after 2002 was rumored for a while…

On the other hand, the song’s kind of overhyped (as of so far) simply because it’s performed by an artist who brought the country as close to victory as they have gotten so far. The song definitely needs a revamp (both visually and the song itself), and it’s not as memorable yet. Also, I’m a little confused about the lyrics, especially when she sings that together with her partner they “are invincible”, that she is “a chameleon changing its colours to be with [her partner].” Does this mean that she and her partner work together really well together? And does she act differently with people that she is with? Or did she just completely force herself to change herself to fit in with her partner?

The MESC rules state that the contest officially selects only the artist going to Stockholm, and Ira said that she was going to make some changes either to the song (as a revamp) or she would change songs. I’m not sure what she would do, but the song seems like it’s still got a while to go before it reaches the same status as Ira’s stardom in Malta.


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