2016 review: Belarus

Instead of sitting in front of the computer watching Eurofest as planned, I spent most of the time at the auto shop getting my car fixed (and eventually running into major issues because the mechanic snapped a bolt where he wasn’t supposed to snap, and then lots of people got mad about the procedure). As a result, the closest I got to watching the national final was watching people’s reactions on Snapchat and Twitter. Thank goodness that the auto shop had Wi-Fi, no thanks for snapping the bolt and causing a pain in the butt.

Twitter didn’t seem to react well when 19-year-old Alexander Ivanov (who will be known in the ESC world as IVAN because there’s another singer in Russia with the exact same name) won the contest with “Help You Fly”, as the blogosphere seemed to prefer NAVI’s “Heta Ziamlia” and Kyrill Yermakov’s “Running to the Sun.” As of so far, people are still complaining that people read the names backwards, voting for IVAN when they meant to vote for NAVI.

Right as the lights turn on and zoom in on IVAN’s face, pause the video at 0:22 and look at his face. Then go on Google Images and search for Celine Dion. Or if you don’t feel like doing that, here’s a picture for reference:


(This isn’t the first time in ESC history that something like this has happened; Koldun from 2007 allegedly looked like Princess Diana).

Now that that’s out of the way, I don’t think the song is as bad as everyone thinks; it just feels like last year when a bunch of people were mad about Alexander Rybak’s group Milki didn’t win. It might take one or two listens to get used to his voice, but overall it’s pretty good. It reminds me of Belarus’s 2009 entry with the baseline of Norway 2013, and I really like the graphics. Now if only they could use them on the Eurovision stage too, unlike in 2015…





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