2016 Review: Belgium

A few stupid things to do during a national final:

  1. Keeping your headphones plugged into the computer and fail to realize that the sound is turned off until halfway into the national final
  2. Deciding to do something “productive” during interval acts once the sound comes on because you don’t understand Dutch
  3. Being really confused on Twitter since everyone else has watched the full national final with the sound on

If you see this, you probably won’t hear any sound.

So I watched VRT’s Eurosong, and at the same time I can still say I didn’t watch it. I think I recall Adil and backup dancers with fluorescent body paint, and Amaryllis caught in a spiderweb on the stage of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (complete with random floating lamps). There was also Astrid getting chewed out by Christer Björkman for being “more of an interval act” and Tom with some kind of pop rock song that sounded like a cross between Denmark 2011 and Belgium 2010.

And then there was Laura Tesoro (which I kept misreading “Laura Tesco.”) I didn’t get to see her performance until Eurovision.tv uploaded a short clip. Even if a lot of people are commenting that she looks more like that really enthusiastic person at the karaoke bar or open mike night, at least she’s really enthusiastic and into her performance. On the other hand, when I listened to the song without realizing that my headphones weren’t plugged in and quickly turned the sound off, I ended up getting the Cha-Cha Slide stuck in my head. It’s either that, or “What’s the pressure? Duh-du-uh-duh, duh-du-uh-duh.”

Maybe this isn’t the final version. If that were the case, then it’s a good thing that VRT made an early selection. I’m thinking if Laura keeps her enthusiasm and the instrumental gets toned down a bit, the song would sound less like she’s trying to sing over the karaoke machine. But if it is, it’s not as bad as people keep thinking the song to be.


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