Friends react to Mello 2015

Thursdays are my rough day at uni, though that’s my fault for setting up my class schedule. There’s no way I’m opening my textbook right after 3 classes in a row without taking an official lunch break, at least not after eating something. Trying to study after baking 7000 chocolate chip cookies at the bakery would have been easier since you don’t have to think about anything. Instead, I decide to relax and watch ESC reruns for 2 hours before heading off to class #4.

After noticing that one of my friends was watching me binge-watching Melodifestivalen, I turned on the speakers and decided to see their reactions to the “weird stuff that happens in Sweden.”


  • “I wanna punch those guys in the face”
  • “Oh my god, do they know how stupid selfie sticks look?”

Building It Up

  • “Wait, there’s three of them?”
  • “You said they’re from Australia? No wonder this song is terrible! They haven’t put out anything good outside of AC/DC.”

Make Me (La La La)

  • “I think they’re waterbending. […] I think I should learn those moves and audition for her dance team.”
  • “Their outfits are sooooo Jojo. But they’re not sparkly enough.”
  • Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were a guy.”
  • “That smile just looks kinda fake and painful. Or is it just her makeup?”

Jag är Fri

  • “Why is his outfit so shiny?”
  • “Okay, I take back what I said about his outfit. It’s awesome.”
  • “They look like they’re jellyfish.”
  • “Why are they not focusing on the dancers more? They’re dancing the hell out of it and he’s just mumbling!”

Can’t Hurt Me Now

  • “I’m already bored and falling asleep.”


  • “It looks like he bought that shirt at H&M.”
  • (Me: “M, he’s not going to split his pants.”) “Oh no, I’m just going to stare at his crotch to make sure he doesn’t split them…no! You stupid camera guy, stop moving away from him!”

Forever Starts Today

  • “Hey look, it’s Aang! And he’s got ink too!”
  • “Why is Aang standing next to all that fire? Because he’s finally at peace with the Fire Nation.”
  • “They should have filmed it from above to see the drums.”
  • “So we’ve seen Waterbenders, Airbenders, and the Fire Nation. I wonder if Sweden has Earthbenders.”

Don’t Stop

  • “I think I can do that dance [at the last 30 seconds where there’s hardly any dancing].”

Möt Mig i Gamla Stan

  • “You said this is the happiest breakup song? (Me: No, that’s 2006.) Oh, you had my interest at the time.”
  • “I’m sorry, this just looks like a presidential campaign. He’s running for president, the two male backing dancers are vice president and secretary of state, and that one dancer on the smoke machine is national security.”
  • “Those two guys are hotter than he is.”
  • (After showing them Alcazar’s “Blame it on the Disco” since Magnus and Andreas used to be in a relationship) “So he looks like he’s on a serious campaign, while they look like they just lost the election and are saying, ‘f*** it, we’re going to the club.’”


  • “Why is he dressed up like a waiter?”

Don’t Stop Believing

  • “ I think they got rid of the music for the show…”

Guld och Gröne Skogar

  • “Now this is real music!”
  • “I wanna dance to this!”

It feels great to have other people to bounce comments off of while watching Mello. Maybe next time I’ll ask them to watch Eurovision with once all the songs come out…

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