Cranky barefooters wearing boots

Well it finally got too cold to go barefoot outside (below 0oC wet ground/-4oC cold ground) and now I have to wear shoes because of something called snow. Snowfooting is great, but that only works under limited conditions. I can do that when walking less than 50 feet to pick up the mail or take out the trash, while staying outside only long enough to feel the burn of heat and blood flow returning to my toes when running back inside. On non-windy days, flip flops are okay walking 10-15 minutes between buildings at uni after covering up everything else from the cold. But sometimes I can’t guarantee that my feet will be fine, and that’s when all-around insulation is needed: boots, to be exact.

Preferably ones without holes, since duct tape and snow (read: water) don’t work together very well. But say hello to 3 months of not touching the sidewalk…

So I end up turning into a very cranky barefooter. People keep going “Ha, I told you so” when they see me walking on campus as a marshmallow with boots 2 sizes too big. Maybe they keep my feet out of the cold/snow/wind, but I have to re-train myself how to walk or run around like a 5-year-old trying on a pair of stilettos, and there’s always the general problem of socks slipping off. I’m pretty sure the best solution would be to find a pair of boots that’s the right size (which there probably is in the house), but I’m also really lazy and don’t feel like finding them. As of right now, the only thing to do is to plod along, step by step, one by one. And that shouldn’t be too bad, considering that I’m not going anywhere.

In that case, all I would have to worry about is feeling cold when it’s 20oC indoors and I’m wearing a hoodie. It’s probably not a good thing feeling like a block of ice on the inside. Or is that caused by snowfooting too much?

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