Some good came out of that mess??

So my friend A’s sister got married recently. While it wasn’t Krista Siegfrids’ Team Ding Dong kind of obnoxious, it was kind of hard to avoid the news, since she (and her family/friends/acquaintances) spammed my Facebook page with pictures, and it made things really awkward. I don’t mean the 5 seconds of not recognizing her new last name on the Internet, but the fact that she reminded me of 5 years of 1-sided not-relationship-or-whatever with A and/or getting over the incident. Thanks, German 1 teacher, for shipping us and making me fall in love with him at the time, and thanks Trijntje Oosterhuis for summarizing my feelings in 3 minutes.

Even though I usually think of the incident as something negative (since it threw my already bad concentration off the edge multiple times), two good things did appear out of it with a little help from my German 3 teacher and a notebook full of badly-written fanfiction:

  • I eventually got over it, had about 1.5 months of a beta test, and as of today have been in 13 months of a stable relationship with my SO.
  • From a DeviantART post, I found Alexander Rybak’s “Fairytale” on YouTube which kickstarted my love for Eurovision.

In that case, uhhh… Thanks A? For making me feel confused and decide to find stuff on the Internet and eventually find my favorite TV show?

Well that was just awkward…let’s make the next post less awkward.


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