Updates in the universe…

So it’s finals week, and this happens to be the same week that the ESC world decides to announce a crap load of information. Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede will be hosting Eurovision, and Albania is about to kick off national finals season in two weeks. Most countries with national selections have presented their national final schedules, and starting January 16th, Belgium will kick off the series of Super Saturdays with national finals every week until Sweden hosts the Melodifestivalen final on March 12th. Between the two will be Malta, Belarus, Hungary, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Moldova, Germany, and Latvia. At least those are the countries that have confirmed dates. And then there are all the presentations for the songs internally selected.

In that case, so much for class and my sanity. I’ll probably have to split my screen 8 ways (which is impossible on my laptop) to watch all the programs on February 13th. Maybe this (and not organic chem) is what weeds out the students in the chemistry department. Ahhhh, the joy of being a chem major…


As of so far, the one country that’s received the most hype so far is Russia. Unlike the past 3 years, where Russia has sent female singers and politically-correct peace ballads, Rossiya 1 is sending Sergey Lazarev. Judging by his recent songs, his entry should be pretty EuroClub-friendly. On the other hand, there’s this:

If I were to summarize this song in 5 words, it would be “Shirtless Russian singing English K-Pop”. What’s with the lyrics saying that he wants to take off someone’s clothes? The asexual part of me is rolling my eyes and wondering if it’s that warm in Russia right now. It’s also trying to come up with an ace-friendly reason to strip outside of changing clothes or taking a shower. As of so far, it’s failed. Let’s just get back to a different video, shall we?

(Well at least he’s having fun playing the awkward guy trying to get a date…)


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