Playing with Numbers?

It’s official: 43 countries will participate in 2016’s contest, tickets are out on sale (for the equivalent of Black Friday shopping in the USA), and national final buzz is starting to creep up on the news. But what will be the other numbers seen at next year’s contest?

The voting (1-12):

1: Excluding 1969, number of winning acts per year

2: Number of semi-finals since 2004

3: Number of times Stockholm will have hosted Eurovision (1975, 2000, 2016)

4: Number of returning countries in 2016

5: Excluding the host, the number of countries that will pre-qualify to the final

6: Number of times Sweden has won the contest (1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012, 2015)

7: Record number of wins from a single country (Ireland-1970,1980,1987,1992,1993,1994,1996)


8: Number of hosts at Mello 2016 (Top: Gina Dirawi, Petra Mede, Charlotte Perelli, Henrik Schyffert, Bottom: Sarah Dawn Finer, Ola Salo, Peter Jöback, William Spetz)



10: Number of countries that can qualify from a semi-final

12: Highest number of points a country can receive from another country

And then there’s always the other statistics people seem to bring up:

43: Largest number of countries participating in Eurovision

387: Highest number of points earned by a single entry

18: Highest number of douze pointe awarded to a single entry

0: The dreaded nul pointe

61: How many times the contest will have occurred once Stockholm is over

26: Number of countries that will be in the final in 2016

23: Number of Eurovision entries Ralph Siegel has composed

365: Number of points Sweden earned this year

16: Number of stick people on the screen for “Heroes”


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