And the winner is…Malta!

After trying to avoid following news about Junior, I caved in and ended up binge-watching JESC 2015 top 17 rankings on YouTube for weeks before live-streaming the contest for the first time. Though, because my family’s still not keen on having a Eurovision fan in the house, I ended up listening to it on headphones while trying to look productive and gutting a pumpkin to make pie.

(It turned out ok, at least that meant post-show desserts)

One major complaint: the YouTube stream had no sound outside of the commentators for 5 songs, and the sound only came back halfway through Australia’s song. That meant approximately 20 minutes spent looking at the background and occasionally hearing a (somewhat) loud refrain in one earphone, but it wasn’t such an issue that I had to switch off the contest.

So how did they do?

  1. Malta- 185 pts
  2. Armenia- 176 pts
  3. Slovenia- 112 pts
  4. Belarus- 105 pts
  5. Albania- 93 pts
  6. Russia- 80 pts
  7. Serbia- 79 pts
  8. Australia- 64 pts
  9. Bulgaria- 62 pts
  10. Georgia- 51 pts
  11. Ukraine- 38 pts
  12. Ireland- 36 pts
  13. Montenegro- 36 pts
  14. San Marino- 36 pts
  15. Netherlands-35 pts
  16. Italy- 34 pts
  17. FYR Macedonia- 26 pts

Congratulations Malta for a second victory in 3 years, and congratulations to Team Muxu and Zarb for writing 3 top-4 entries. I wonder if they’ll be back next year. Will they turn into Malta’s equivalent to Siegel and Meinunger though?

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