Junior Eurovision 2015: 5 Word Challenge

Okay, so it’s November. Daylight savings time has ended and now it’s dark outside at 17:00. Someone’s going to have to call Sanna Nielsen to undo my S.A.D. A few acts have been internally selected, some countries have posted their national final schedules, SVT’s announced the hosts for Mello, but there isn’t really anything major happening in the Eurovision world. At least, not for the adults….

In Bulgaria (land of Viktor Krum, epic drummers, and water), it’s a different story. 17 countries with artists between 10 and 15 are competing at the Junior Eurovision on the 21st. You never know, maybe they could end up, like the Tolmachevy Sisters and Nevena Božović, performing on the adult stage in a few years.

Since I’ve been really busy doing nothing (Procrastinators unite tomorrow!) lately, I had to do something quick before the contest starts. So here’s all 17 acts described in 5 words (Challenge stolen from Lady Jenevia, starts at 3:40). Some might accurately describe the song or performance, others not so much…

  1. Serbia: Lena Stamenković- Lenina Pesma (Lena’s Song): Small girl, angsty Balkan drama

  1. Georgia: The Virus- Gabede (Dare): Bzikebi Studios does it again

  1. Slovenia: Lina Kuduzović- Prva Ljubezen (First Love): Kid’s in love with Frozen

  1. Italy: Chiara & Martina Scarpari- Viva (Live): Twins are singing about life (Yep, I didn’t really try here…)

  1. Netherlands: Shalisa- Million Lights: Austria 2015 but with dancers (Let’s hope it’s not as major of a fire hazard as the MakeMakes’ in Vienna)

  1. Australia: Bella Paige- My Girls: We really want to stay

  1. Ireland: Aimee Banks- Réalta na mara: Irish-language operatic ship’s prayer

  1. Russia: Mikhail Smirnov- Mechta (Dream): Three years’ worth of dreamers (No seriously: 2013 they sent the song “Mechtay/Dream on”, 2014 they sent “Dreamer.” And now it’s another dream?)

  1. FYR Macedonia: Ivana & Magdalena- Pletenka (Braid): They wrote their own song

  1. Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov- Volshebstvo (Magic): Magical voices and magical screens

  1. Armenia: Mika- Love: Minecraft hearts and Michael Jackson

  1. Ukraine: Anna Trincher- Pochny z sebe (Start with yourself): Everything’s on stage, no war

  1. Bulgaria: Gabriela & Ivan- Colour of Hope: We’re not sending Krisia again

  1. San Marino: Kamilla Ismailova- Mirror: Russian sings for San Marino (because there aren’t enough artists in San Marino, and we can’t make clones of Valentina, so SMTV can choose anyone they want. And they choose a Russian because she’s been to the country for vacation once?)

  1. Malta: Destiny Chukunyere- Not My Soul: Jam to some Motown funk

  1. Albania: Mishela Rapo- Dambaje: Hello! Addition to dentist’s playlist (a.k.a. I like it, but it’s something my dentist would play to calm people down)

  1. Montenegro: Jana Mirković- Oluja (Storm): I’m dancing on the beach (from her music video)

Now all we have to do is wait for the show to start and leave everything in the hands of televoters and jury…


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