I have no idea what they’re singing…

The free language rule has been a blessing and a curse to the contest. There aren’t any restrictions on what language countries can enter their songs in, so we’ve been able to listen to Voro, Samogitian, Austrian German, Swahili, and even imaginary languages (mouth music) at the contest. (As a person trying to learn Esperanto, I’m waiting for someone to put up a con-lang entry, but that can probably wait…) Unfortunately, this also means that at least 70% of all entries are performed in English. And when the Eurovision page on Wikipedia says “English,” the page often means “Google Translate should be credited as one of the primary lyricists.”

Since English is my primary language, I’m on the long end of the stick when laughing at “bad” lyrics. Sometimes they’re not really bad; it’s just how the artist sings the lyric. On the other hand, when will Google Translate be an officially credited? As of so far, that’s the only way to come up with Belarus 2004’s entry… “Maj guh-LEEEE- LEEEHH-OH”

I just looked at the lyrics. But they stress the wrong syllable for almost every word, so no one’s going to know the lyrics if they read the words alone…


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