No bacon for you

So it’s that time:  family trying to make sure that when you have a job, that you have all three degrees of bacon: a) interest (you like the bacon), b) ability (you can make the bacon), and c) how much cash the stuff brings (can you bring home the bacon).

But it gets really irritating when someone (*cough*family*cough*) tell you off that all your interests are shite and won’t make anything. To them, the English major dreaming about publishing a bestselling novel is flipping burgers at McDonalds. To them, the psychology doctorate is sweeping the floor at the local gas station. And to the person who majored in philosophy but was hired to be a history teacher, the philosophy major is living in a cardboard box eating nothing but SPAM and instant ramen. They all say to forget your dreams, how “Penny/Lanti, this has gone too far.” Or at least choose a somewhat-tolerable dream that will pay your bills as you sit in a cube farm bored for 40+ hours a week.

Yep, that’s where I’m at right now. And though I’m somewhere in the chemistry department, all I really want to do is be happy and not depressed. Happy as an ABC, asexual, barefooter, possibly ADHD, chronically doodling, food loving ESC+ other music fan in the chem department. Possibly working with food. Maybe peeling potatoes while watching YouTube. Maybe just sitting in the dinner table without obnoxious family members telling me that I can’t do anything and that working with food brings zero bacon on the table. Maybe I’ll just have to talk to an advisor and fix things. Because right now, I’m confused as hell.  I’m not Tom Dice and I can’t follow my dreams. Or maybe I’ll add: At least not yet. Let’s get that depression off the table first…


Speaking of peeling potatoes while watching YouTube, it’s actually very comforting. I think I made potato soup with onions and bacon that night.


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